When Is Fall Guys Coming To Xbox And Switch?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has exploded in popularity since its release on August 4, 2020. However, this cute and colorful (and sometimes extremely frustrating) game takes on the battle royale genre. exclusively for PS4 and Steam on PC – that is, until now.

If you’re an Xbox or Nintendo user, find out here when the game is released on these consoles.

You can find a way to check if Fall Guys servers are up and running here.

When is Fall Guys coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox?

Autumn boys To be on the way to Nintendo Switch and both Xbox Series X consoles | S and Xbox One. It will also land on PlayStation 5 and the Epic Games store for PC owners. The first part of the game will be available for free.

It will release on these platforms on June 21, 2021. Watch the announcement video below:

It has been confirmed that the new portals support cross-play, cross-platform parties and cross-progress so you can socialize with your friends playing on any platform.

PC users who already have the game on Steam and PS4 will be able to download the updates as usual. However, future new PC owners will only be able to get Fall Guys on the Epic Games store.

If you purchased Fall Guys before the new release date, you’ll be able to get the Legacy Pack, which includes a nickname, nametag, Regal skin, Veggie Dog outfit, Feisty Dwarf skin, and Season 1 tickets.

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