What Hardware is Inside my PC: Graphics, CPU & RAM specs

Whether you’re wondering whether a game or software program will run on your computer, or you’re looking to upgrade it to provide more power or storage, the starting point is always to know what you’re working with: what hardware is inside your PC?

Finding the specs list on the box won’t be possible if you’ve given up on it, and if it’s an older model, it might not even be listed on the manufacturer’s or manufacturer’s website. retail anymore. It is especially difficult to find out the specs of a particular model when you consider that computers are often sold with multiple SKUs, each with slight differences in their core components.

A laptop model may be available with a choice of AMD or Intel processors, and it may have different amounts of memory or RAM – these days, they may not even run the same operating system. .

The good news is that checking the specs is easy, as we’ll cover below.

How do I find out my computer specs?

In Windows 10 this is very simple and can be done through Device Manager. You can access this feature by right-clicking the Windows icon at the bottom left and selecting Device Manager, or typing its name in the search field at the bottom of the screen. Now click the down arrow next to each entry to begin gathering information about your computer’s internal hardware.

Another good place to look is in System Settings, accessible by right-clicking the Windows icon or typing System in the search bar. Scroll down to the About section to find out the computer name, processor, and installed memory. Scroll down a little further to find out what operating system you’re running.

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What graphics card and CPU does my PC have?

If you’re happy to download a small app, we recommend Piriform’s Speccy. There is a free version with no support, but it analyzes any computer running Windows and gives you a neat summary of the specifications, including the make and model of the board. motherboards and monitors, hard drives and any USB-connected storage, and even their temperatures.

What graphics card and CPU does my PC have?

Which graphics card is in my PC?

In any version of Windows, open Control Panel (or search for it in the start menu if you can’t find it), then search for Device Manager.

Now open the Display Adapter in the tree. You will see which graphics card your computer or laptop is using. You can also expand the Processor branch to see how many cores your CPU has. Remember that some can be ‘virtual’ cores, for example a processor that supports Hyper-Threading.

What graphics card and CPU does my PC have?

Check specs in older versions of Windows

If you are using a Windows 8 PC, hover over the top right corner of the screen to reveal the Icons. Then select Settings > PC Info. This is a shortcut that takes you to Control Panel > System and Security > System.

In Windows XP or Windows 7, you have to work a little harder. Right-click My Computer and select Properties (in Windows XP, this is called System Properties). Find System in the Properties window (Computer in XP).

No matter which version of Windows you’re using, you’ll now be able to see your PC- or laptop’s processor, memory, and operating system.

Processor tells you the speed of a specific CPU and processor model. The Memory (RAM) entry tells you how much RAM you have. More is better, but if you have a 32-bit operating system, you can only use up to 4GB of RAM.

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Finally, the System type entry will tell you which version of Windows you’re running. Newer versions of Windows will also tell you whether you have a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor. The latter is much more common.

Here’s how to find out how many cores your CPU has.

How can I find out the specs of my Mac?

Apple makes viewing specs even easier. Just click the Apple icon in the top bar and select ‘About This Mac’.

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