How to Unlock a Secure PDF File

PDF files are useful for many reasons, but one of them is the ability to password protect the file so that only people with the password can view the contents of the file.

That’s called user password.

Can also prevent people from copying, editing, and printing the PDF. No password is required to view files, but you’ll find those functions locked if the owner has chosen to protect the document.

That’s called a owner password.

The simple fact is that you need to know the user password to unlock the secured PDF, but it is possible to bypass the restrictions on the owner’s password so that you can edit and copy text and images. as well as print protected PDF files.

How to view a password protected PDF file?

As we just said, unless you can figure out the password from the person who set it or you manage to remember the password you forgot, there really aren’t many options.

You can try and use one of the many utilities available for download online, which claim to be able to securely unlock PDF files, but most do so by brute-force method. That process can take hours or days, so if you’re in a hurry this may not be the way to go. One such free tool is PDFCrack.

However, let’s say you know the password and want to create a password-protected version of the PDF. In this case, you can upload the file to PDF Unlocker.

How to unlock a secure PDF file

Then, when prompted, enter the password. The site will make a copy of the password-protected file that you can download and share.

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How to print or copy from a PDF file securely?

If your document restricts you from printing, copying content on the page, or editing that content, you can lift those restrictions using the tools we mentioned above.

Again, drag and drop your file into the area displayed on the web page and if it can remove the restrictions, it will let you do so.

Keep in mind that some tools that run in Windows will delete your PDF file if you don’t have permission to print or copy it, so you should upload the file to an online tool as your local copy is safe.

There are other sites that offer to remove the owner’s password from a PDF file including:

How to unlock a secure PDF file

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