How to Turn Off the PS5

If you’ve gotten here, you’re probably feeling pretty awkward, but don’t worry, turning off the PS5 is surprisingly hard and I bet every console user has been stumped trying to do so. first .

The problem is twofold. First, the PlayStation 5 does a bit too much compared to the PlayStation 4, and its physical power button is small and well-hidden. Second, it is at the same time too much different from the PS4, as the power control software is in a completely different place. Here’s how to find both.

How to physically turn off PS5

First, if you’re willing to struggle to get up, the PS5’s power button is a slim black button on the front of the machine, hooked up to the disc eject button on the regular console and only for the Digital Edition.

PS5 . power push button

If you stand the panel vertically then the power button is the lower of the two buttons, while if you place it on the side, the power button is the one on the left side.

Either way, just tap it to turn off the panel.

How to turn off PS5 with software

More often, you may want to turn off the control panel via software so you can do so with the DualSense controller without leaving the sofa.

PS5 DualSense

If you’re a PS4 player your instinct might be to hold down the PS button, but stop right there. Instead, just tap this button – it’s the one made out of the PlayStation logo right between the analog bars on the controller, if you’re not sure.

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Tapping this button brings up your activity cards, along with a menu that lets you access notifications, group chats, downloads, and more. The power settings are on the far right end – but pro tip: instead of scrolling all the way to the right, just tap left once and it will take your cursor to the far end.

PS5 activity card

Tap that and you’ll get your three power options:

  • Enter Rest Mode: This puts your PS5 to sleep, but depending on your power settings, it will continue to download and install games and updates, and charge any controllers plugged into the port. USB
  • Turn off PS5: This completely powers the console. Use this if you plan to unplug your PS5 from mains power or simply want to save power
  • Restart PS5: This will turn the PS5 off and on again – ideal if you’re having any technical issues and were hoping a reboot might fix them

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