How to Turn Off Snapchat Snap Map

Snapchat Maps Snapchat allows you to follow your Snapchat friends on a map no matter where they are in the world. For some, it’s a great social feature; For others – especially parents concerned about their children’s privacy when using the platform – it’s a scary line.

Parents and schools have warned that it can be used to “build a picture of home addresses, commute routes, schools and workplaces” and that location information could be shared with people you don’t know, such as friends you’ve met on other apps and websites.

We already have a separate article on how to use Snap Map, but if you want to turn it off, read on to learn how to disable Snap Map on both iOS and Android.

It should be noted that Snap Map is an opt-in feature, so you only need to follow these instructions if you or your child has it set up on their account. But it’s easy to set up and we doubt most kids will because it looks so much fun.

On the other hand, parents may fear the possibility that the child will become a stalker’s friend. Snapchat is restricted to users over the age of 13, but that’s still too young to give their whereabouts to strangers.

Snapshots themselves are only sent to the map when a user uploads them to ‘Our Story’ and not ‘My Story’, although you can still see the user’s location on the map.

The official Snapchat line reads: “Community safety is very important to us and we want to make sure that all Snapchatters, parents, and educators yes accurate information on how Snap Maps works. With Snap Map, location sharing is disabled by default for all users and is completely optional.

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“Snapchatters can choose exactly who they want to share their location with, if any, and can change that setting at any time. You also can’t share your location with someone who’s not your friend on Snapchat, and the majority of Snapchat interactions happen between close friends.”

Enable Snap Map’s Ghost Mode on Android and iPhone

Turn off Snap Map

1. Launch Snapchat and tap the Location icon at the bottom left to open Snap Map.

2. Tap the Settings gear at the top right.

3. Check the box Ghost Mode. This will prevent others from seeing your location for a three-hour, 24-hour period, or until you disable the feature. You can also choose to only allow your Friends to see your location. However, if you’re worried about privacy, we recommend enabling Ghost Mode for all.

iPhone Ghost map capture mode

Remove Snapchat Location Permissions

An alternative method to prevent Snapchat from tracking a user’s location is to prevent Snapchat from tracking that location in the first place. Here’s how to do it on Android and iPhone.


We’re using a Galaxy S8 here, so your device’s UI may look a little different. However, the options you are looking for are all the same.

1. Open your phone’s Settings menu, then scroll down and select Apps. Then, scroll down and select Snapchat.

Turn off Snapchat location tracking

2. Select Permissions, then turn off the slider next to Location.

Turn off Snapchat location tracking

iOS (iPhone or iPad)

The options for iOS (iPhone and iPad) are the same.

1. Open your iPhone’s Settings menu, then scroll down to the Apps list at the bottom. Tap Snapchat.

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2. Change the Location setting to Never stop Snap Map knowing your location.

Turn off Snap Map on iPhone

The National Crime Agency’s (Ceop) Child Exploitation and Online Protection Order advises parents to only encourage children to share their location in private messaging apps with people they know .

Worried parents should also read Snapchat’s parenting guide, and for those new to the social network, we also have how to use Snapchat – the ultimate guide.

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