How to Turn Off Bitdefender Temporarily

Bitdefender is one of the most effective options when it comes to antivirus software. If there is a reason why you need to turn it off, we will explain how. But before you do, let’s see if there’s an alternative.

It is unwise to disable antivirus protection for any length of time, and this is why the default is to temporarily disable Bitdefender for five minutes.

If the firewall is causing the problem, you can disable that module in the same way, but you may want to consider adding an exception so that the program being blocked can work, but the firewall still works. continue to do its job for all other applications.

How to disable Bitdefender temporarily

Open the main interface of Bitdefender. Search for Bitdefender in the Windows 10 Start menu or look in the system tray notification area: click the small upward arrow to the left of the date and time. The symbol is a white B in a red square.

When you visit the overview page, click the protective link right below the overview page on the left side.

How to turn off Bitdefender

Now click on Settings in the ANTIVIRUS box and you can disable Bitdefender Shield. Once you do this, a Windows prompt will pop up asking if you want to allow the changes: click Yes.

How to turn off Bitdefender

You can now choose how long you want to turn off threat protection, and we recommend keeping that time to a minimum so you can do whatever you need to and it will take care of itself. automatically turns back on after the time you set to make sure you don’t forget.

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How to completely disable Bitdefender

If this does not fix your problem, you can turn off other modules. For example, Advanced Chain Protection, which scans applications for different types of exploits, and this can prevent the application from running. If you’re sure it’s safe, then you can click Settings in the ADVANCED THREE PROTECTION box and disable it there.

How to turn off Bitdefender

On the other hand, your problem may be a website or some other online services. To disable Bitdefender web protection click on Settings under ONLINE STORAGE and you will see some toggles that you can disable and note the Cyberthreat Prevention tab contains a toggle other.

How to turn off Bitdefender

As before, it’s not a good idea to permanently disable any of these functions as they are all integral to keeping your computer, data, and identity safe.

If you are simply fed up with Bitdefender for some reason, here is the best antivirus for you to choose an alternative.

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