How to Turn A Windows Laptop Into A Wireless Hotspot

Today, being connected to the Internet is a requirement for all of our mobile devices. But whether you’re at home or away, you can’t always get the best signal for each of your parts. One solution is to turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. In large homes and offices where Wi-Fi can have a dead zone – a hotspot can give access to some devices that would normally not be able to connect.

Your laptop’s hotspot can also be useful when you’re out and about. If you already pay to connect to public Wi-Fi, you can use your laptop to connect other devices or friends’ computers and get the most out of it.

A feature in Windows 10 called Mobile Hotspot makes it easy to quickly set up a network using your laptop’s Wi-Fi connection, allowing up to eight devices to access the web.

It works with Wi-Fi or ethernet connections and is simple to use, so here’s how to turn a Windows PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Use Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10

Creating a Wi-Fi hotspot is simple with the Mobile Hotspot feature. First of all, go to Start Menu and select Settings > Network & Internet > Portable Hotspot.

How to turn a Windows laptop into a wifi hotspot

In the main pane there is a drop-down menu called Share my Internet connection from will most likely show WiFi if you are using a laptop, or possibly Wired for those of you whose PCs connect directly to the router via an ethernet cable.

If you are using a desktop PC and there is no Mobile Hotspot option visible, this most likely means that your machine does not have Wi-Fi, so the Mobile Hotspot feature cannot be used. motion.

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If you have one of the new Project Athena Windows 10 laptops, you may also see an option for LTE if your model has that feature. If you’re planning to use it for a hotspot, make sure you know how much data is in your plan and monitor usage so you don’t accidentally use it to stream YouTube videos during Cafe.

Select the connection you want to use for your hotspot, then click the Edit button to add a new network name and password. This won’t change the login details your PC uses, instead it creates a new virtual connection from your PC that other devices will need to log into the hotspot.

How to turn a Windows laptop into a wifi hotspot

Then the last step is to turn on Share my Internet connection with other devices which you will find at the top of the Mobile Hotspot settings.

You can now use your phone, tablet, or any other Internet-enabled device to connect to the network on your PC. Just open your device’s Wi-Fi settings, find the network name you created, enter the password, and you’ll find yourself online.

We’ve seen people have issues with their Portable Hotspot settings where their computers reported that they couldn’t turn on Wi-Fi when the user switched Share my Internet connection with other devices right to buy. The solutions to this error seem to vary on different systems, with some people finding that disabling Bluetooth resolves the issue. If you’re experiencing this issue, we recommend Googling both the error and your computer model to find the answer as quickly as possible.

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How to Set Up a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 7 or 8

In Windows 7, it’s relatively easy to share your Internet connection as part of a special network. While that functionality is still present in Windows 8, the configuration is much more difficult. Instead, you can use a software that can set up a hotspot.

To get started, your laptop needs to be online. It can be connected by Ethernet cable to the modem or via Wi-Fi. We have tried several software solutions, but the simplest one is Virtual Router Manager.

The program works on Windows Vista, 7 and 8 – and unlike other similar tools, it does not install any additional toolbars that are adware when used.

Once installed, you can enter the Network Name (SSID) and new password for the hotspot. Select Connect to your wireless network from the “Shared connection” menu. Finally, click on “Start Virtual Router”.

The hotspot’s name will now appear in the network settings of any of your Wi-Fi enabled devices, and you’ll be able to connect using the password you entered.

Improve Home Wi-Fi

While Windows Mobile hotspots are a good way to share Wi-Fi, there are alternatives if you want better Wi-Fi coverage in your home, such as power line adapters and Mesh Wi-Fi kits can extend the range of your network so it reaches every corner of your house.

You should also read our home Wi-Fi improvement guide for more details. Plus, learn more about the best free software downloads for your laptop.

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