How to tell if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp

Not getting any reply to your WhatsApp messages? If just one person isn’t responding, it’s likely they’ve blocked you or are ignoring you.

Since there are good reasons to block others, such as preventing abuse, and because of privacy concerns, you won’t know for sure if you’ve been blocked by someone on WhatsApp.

In fact, WhatsApp even states on its help page about being blocked that “We have intentionally made this ambiguous to protect your privacy when you block someone. As a result, we can’t tell you if you’re being blocked by someone else.”

Even so, you’d still like to know if there’s a way to know if that’s happening or if there’s some other explanation, such as your message not being notified.

Blocking someone on WhatsApp is very easy. Simply view a contact’s details, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select Block Contact. That kind of simply means some people tend to block others more than they change their underwear. This is the digital version of ‘Talk to Hands’.

When you are blocked on WhatsApp, any previous conversations you had with that person will still appear in your Chats tab: it is not deleted. The only reason previous messages will disappear is because the other person – or you – has set the messages to disappear after a certain amount of time.

People often say that the fastest way to know if you are blocked is to try to call the contact on WhatsApp. They say if you’re blocked, the phone won’t ring – but this is completely untrue.

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The phone will still ring, but the person who blocked you won’t receive any notification that you tried to call them. Because of this, you have no way of knowing that they don’t have a phone to answer calls or that they’re not simply ignoring you, so you’re no wiser.

It’s also not true that you won’t see any future changes to their profile picture; in fact, you won’t see their profile picture.

There are a number of things you can find out that you have been blocked. If you can tick all of these off the list then you are likely blocked on WhatsApp.

Sure signs that you have been blocked on WhatsApp

  1. A contact is ignoring all your messages and all accounts have stopped talking to you
  2. Sent messages to a contact show only one tick – they have been sent, but not sent nor read
  3. That contact no longer has a profile picture and you’re sure they’ve done so before

    Missing WhatsApp photos

  4. When you view a contact, either by tapping the new chat button and finding them in the list or by tapping their name at the top of the chat, their WhatsApp status will be blank. If someone has never updated their WhatsApp status, chances are it will show ‘Hey there! I’m using WhatsApp.’
  5. You can no longer see the ‘Last View’ or ‘Online’ information at the top of a WhatsApp chat
  6. When you try to call them via WhatsApp, they don’t answer the call

Remember that whoever blocked you does not have to talk to you. They almost certainly feel that they have a good reason not to want to communicate.

Assuming it is life or death and it is paramount that you contact the person, know that there is no way to bypass the WhatsApp block: you cannot contact them via the platform until they decided to unblock you.

However, you still have their phone number (the phone number they use for WhatsApp at any rate), be it their email address and home address, it could be some mutual friends or a mutual friend. Maybe you’re still friends on social media.

Just because you are blocked on WhatsApp doesn’t mean they will block you through other channels as well. However, keep in mind that this does not mean you have a public invitation to stalk or harass them, which could eventually become a legal issue.

You may decide to talk first with a mutual friend to find out if you’ve been blocked and if you don’t know the reason(s), find out why and any potential ways to deal with it. problem.

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