How To Tell If You’ve Been Blocked On Instagram?

If someone has blocked you from their Instagram account, you will not be notified of the change. Instead, you’ll need to figure out for yourself if it’s a glitch or you’ve annoyed the person so much that they don’t want you to comment or see their posts anymore. We show you several ways to find out if you are blocked on Instagram.

Search their account

The most obvious way to check if you’ve been blocked by someone on Instagram is to search their account. Usually when you do this you will see their name appear in the search results and when you select it you will be able to see all their posts.

In the image below, for example, you’ll see my friend’s Lunar Jim account page, complete with a handful of pictures he’s posted so far.

How to know if you are blocked on instagram: View and unblock accounts

Now, if the person in question has blocked you, the page will be a little different. Their name will still appear in the search results, and when you tap on it, you’ll be taken to the account. But this time, the main frame will say There are no posts yet and tap either Followers or Next will give you a notice that your request cannot be completed at that time.

How to notify you have been blocked on Instagram: View blocked accounts

There is an important announcement here. If when you search for that person, you don’t see their name appear in the results, this doesn’t mean you’ve been blocked. Instead, it’s more likely that they deleted their account or the account was disabled by Instagram. So don’t make your nose skewed by what could be a simple mistake.

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Check using someone else’s account

If you have friends willing to help you, then you can ask them to search for the account in question and see if they can see the photos and followers. If they can, then it looks like you’ve been blocked. It’s probably best to find someone who doesn’t know the owner of the account, in case they are also blocked due to their relationship with you.

What can you do to get unlocked?

There is no easy way to unlock your account. First, the owner of a blocked account has every right to protect themselves from people they deem abusive, annoying, or simply unwelcome. Once you’ve been blocked, messaging won’t work because that’s kind of the point to block someone. The only real way to deal with this situation is to ask a friend who has access to the blocker’s account to send a message asking if you offended them in some way and apologizing if you did. . Or, leave it alone. Maybe, for a while, the person will unblock you, but if that’s not the case, go ahead and find someone else to follow.

But keep in mind, pursuing someone online could be considered harassment, so could be something that’s up to the investigating authorities. Plus it’s also a very bad thing to do and we’ve all had enough to deal with at the moment without online abusers adding to the pile.

If you have an unwanted comment from someone on your post, check out our guide on how to block people on Instagram.

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