How to Teleport in Minecraft on PC, Console and Mobile

The ability to teleport in Minecraft may not be obvious at a glance, but there is a way to do it not only on PC but also consoles and mobile devices. That is a good news. The bad news is that the process of teleporting in Minecraft varies between platforms, so there is no universal answer for all Minecraft fans.

To work around this, we’ve broken our guide into platform-specific sections covering PC, console, and mobile versions of Minecraft to help you learn how to teleport and where you go in a flash.

Teleport in Minecraft on PC

  1. Open Minecraft on your PC.
  2. Create or load the world you want to play.
  3. Go to the location you want to teleport to in the future – this could be your base, farm or amusement park you’re working on.
  4. Press F3 + Fn + F3 on PC or Alt + Fn + F3 on Mac to display your current coordinates below the minimap. Record these coordinates as you will need them to teleport back.
  5. When you want to teleport, open the control panel by pressing the / key on the keyboard.
  6. Enter the teleport command move name xyz replace Name with your character’s username, x with east/west coordinates, y with vertical coordinates and z with north/south coordinates – this should be in the order in which you wrote the coordinates initially. Your completed command should look something like this: LewwyPaints 2 43 72 . teleport
  7. You can also teleport to another player’s location (or bring them to you) using the command teleportation Bert Ernie, will teleport Bert to Ernie’s current location.
  8. Once you’ve entered the command, simply press Enter to teleport your player to the selected coordinates.
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A word of warning: It is possible that, if you do not enter the correct coordinates, you can teleport yourself into solid ground. This will cause you to quickly decline in health and die soon after. To avoid this, just add the word real to the end of your command. This forces the game to verify that there are no solid blocks at your teleport location, and if there is, it cancels the teleport.

Other fast teleport commands include:

  • /tp @a @s: You want all players to gather at your location? This command does exactly that. If you want to teleport everyone else to a different direction, replace S with your desired coordinates.
  • / tp £ e[type=EnemyName] @XYZ: This command teleports nearby enemies of a certain type to your location. Replace EnemyName with the type of mod you want to create and XYZ with your coordinates.
  • / tp ~ 62 ~: This command allows you to lock certain coordinates while changing others – ideal if you want to jump up or down a certain level. Just replace the coordinates you want to keep with a tide (~) and change the other coordinates.

Teleport in Minecraft on console

Before we dive into the console-focused teleport guide, you can only teleport while hosting a multiplayer world, and unlike on PC, you’ll only be able to teleport to another player’s position.

Now there is no other way, here is how to teleport in Minecraft on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

  1. Load Minecraft from your console’s main menu.
  2. Select Play Game and select the world you want to load – but not yet load.
  3. Go to Game Options and make sure that Server Privileges is ticked.
  4. Select Load and click OK on the warning that notifies the player of missing achievements and updates the leaderboard when playing with server privileges.
  5. Once the game has loaded, press Options on Xbox or Trackpad on PlayStation to access the Server menu.
  6. Select Server Options and select Teleport to Player.
  7. This will take you to a list of all the players currently playing in your world. Simply select a user from this list and you will be instantly teleported to their current location.
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Teleport in Minecraft on mobile devices

While the lack of a physical keyboard can make entering coordinates quite tedious, there is also a way to teleport in Minecraft on mobile devices.

  1. Open the Minecraft app and load the world you want to play.
  2. Access the pause menu by tapping the top right of the screen – the icon isn’t always visible, but it’s there.
  3. Tap Settings and turn on the Cheats switch to allow teleportation.
  4. Close the menu and press Resume Game.
  5. Tap the Chat icon at the top of the screen.
  6. To get your current coordinates for future reference, tap the text box and type / tp YourUsername ~ ~ ~ Guaranteed replacement YourUsername with your Minecraft username. this won’t teleport you anywhere, but the command menu will show your current coordinates.
  7. To teleport, tap the Chat icon again, bring up the text box and type /tp YourUsername XYZ, with X represent east/west coordinates, Y represent vertical coordinates and Z represent north/south coordinates.
  8. Press the Enter button (like a chat bubble with an arrow in it) to teleport your character to the specified coordinates.

And there you have it! For more Minecraft goodness, see how to allocate more RAM in Minecraft and the best alternatives to Minecraft too.

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