How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 8

Sometimes it’s convenient to be able to take a picture of what’s on your iPhone screen. This could be an item you found online, a song you need to remember, or getting the highest score in a game and want to share the news with your friends. It might even be some important gossip that you absolutely have to share.

In these moments, taking a screenshot is the fastest way to do this, and fortunately, it’s very easy to do with an iPhone. We show you a simple method to capture the contents of the screen on your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.

What buttons take screenshots on iPhone 8?

Taking a screenshot involves pressing and holding several of the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus’ physical buttons simultaneously.

To take a photo, press the Side button (the button that turns the device on and off) and simultaneously press the Home button on the front of the iPhone. Hold both buttons for a second or so and release.

How to take screenshots on iPhone 8

If done correctly, you should see the flash show up as white, then in the bottom left corner a small version of the screenshot will appear. Tapping this brings up the edit menu.

Edit screenshots

Tap the small image and you can crop it by dragging the blue edges around the image. There are also different drawing and annotation tools, so you can highlight parts of the picture.

How to take screenshots on iPhone 8

In the bottom right corner you’ll find a plus icon that gives you access to the text boxes, a way to insert your signature, and the magnifying glass, as the name suggests, can make sections of the larger image.

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Once you’re satisfied with the screenshot, tap the Done option in the upper left corner and you’ll be able to save it to the Photos app (it should be in the Screenshots album).

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