How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

Life would be a lot easier if you only had one calendar with all your appointments and meetings. You can view your free time easily and so can anyone else who has access to your schedule and wants to book with you. Pre-booked and missed meetings simply won’t happen.

Unfortunately, the reality is that you can have multiple calendars and – since you’re reading it – neither Google nor Microsoft calendars won’t talk to each other.

It is for this reason that calendar synchronization tools exist, and there are many of them. Here, we’ll outline all the options you have, including alternatives as well as the best tools we’ve found to get the job done.

What’s best for you will depend on exactly what you need to happen and how much you’re willing to spend.

Can I sync my Google and Outlook calendars?

First, ask yourself if you really need to sync your Google calendar and Outlook. You may think you do, but there are several alternative approaches that might solve your problem.

For example, if you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can add multiple accounts and therefore multiple calendars.

This approach usually means that the Google calendar and the Outlook calendar appear together in the same application. This isn’t syncing, but it means you can see two or more calendars in the same app and the same view.

If you’re using a PC or laptop with the Outlook app in Windows, it might be time to ditch that app and switch to the online version,, which supports multiple calendars.

There are several other advantages to using an online email/calendar service: you can log in from any computer with an internet connection, and you don’t have any sync problems because everything is saved. online storage.

Just be aware of the downsides of these approaches. The main problem is, in a business environment, anyone who checks to see if you’re free at a certain time won’t see all of your calendars: they’ll just see, for example, Microsoft or Google, you use for work. That’s where proper synchronization becomes important.

If you don’t want to use any of our alternatives below, you can use the Google and Outlook calendar sync app or service. Some are free, but may have limitations that are proven to break transactions. However, since they’re free, you can at least try them out to see if they’re good enough.


SyncGene can automatically sync contacts, calendars and tasks across iPhone, Android, Outlook, Gmail and apps. There’s a free version that’s limited to two data sources and doesn’t offer automatic syncing, but a paid subscription costs $4.95 per month. If you sign up, keep in mind that there’s a 14-day money-back policy, so make sure you’re satisfied before that time runs out.

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CalendarBridge is a new online service that can not only sync up to 10 of your Microsoft and Google calendars, but also offers some very useful options. One is that you can choose to sync only busy or free time, this allows you to ensure personal events are not synced with your work schedule. You can also choose not to show information about events synced from other calendars, so the calendar will only show when it’s busy.

Since all syncing happens in the cloud, it doesn’t matter if you’re using Windows 10, macOS, iOS, or Android, or which calendar app you choose to use. Anything is supported, as long as it can view Outlook or Google Calendar.

The service doesn’t see or store your Google or Microsoft credentials and works directly on servers in the cloud, so your synced calendars are viewable and available on any your device. It costs $4 per month, but this is a 50% discount from the usual $8 per month per user. There’s also a useful seven-day trial that doesn’t require credit card details.

Sync Outlook and Google Calendar


Sync2 (image below) syncs Outlook with Google Calendar and does much more for $59.95 per year (discounts available). It can sync on schedule or whenever it detects a change in Outlook.

How to Sync Google Calendar and Outlook

Another choice

OggSync does a similar job and is available now on version 10 and costs $29.95 a year per user.

gSyncit v5 is a $19.99 Outlook add-in that enables one- and two-way synchronization between Outlook and Google calendars and is highly recommended by those who use it.

Yet another option is Scand Outlook4Gmail which syncs your Outlook calendar with your Google calendar. It can also sync contacts and a single license costs $28.98.

Free Apps to Sync Google Calendar and Outlook

Calendar Sync seems to be the perfect replacement for the old Google sync tool for Outlook users. Note, however, that the free version will only sync events within 30 days of the sync date, so if you need to sync recurring events, you need the priced Calendar Sync Pro. 9.99 dollars.

Some people like Calendar Sync, while others say it causes problems.

Another option is Outlook Google Calendar Sync, which is free and regularly updated. It can sync events including attendees and reminders. It does not need to be installed and works behind a web proxy. It is definitely worth a try.

Use only one calendar

This may not be an option for you if you have work and personal calendars that must be on different platforms, but you should consider if you can manage but only use one calendar, if possible. . It’s helpful to use multiple email providers, but when it comes to your calendar, why not just pick one and just use it?

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It simplifies the scheduling of appointments and events and solves the synchronization problem in no time. Both Google and Microsoft support multiple calendars, such as work and personal calendars, and offer a single calendar or combined views. (This applies, by the way, whether you’re using a mobile device or a PC or laptop.)

When you add a new event, you can choose which calendar to add it to. This is the only complication, as it’s too easy to add an event to the wrong calendar. But at least you won’t have any problems with syncing.

If this sounds like a good idea, you might want to export data from one calendar to another instead of manually copying existing events and appointments. Here’s how to do it.

How to import and export Google calendar

To export events from Google Calendar, you need to use the web version on your PC or Mac.

Click the gear icon at the top right of the interface, then click Settings.

How to export Google Calendar

Now click on the relevant calendar in Settings for my calendar left part. On the right you will see a button marked Export calendar. It downloads as a zip, so copy the .ics file out.

How to export Google Calendar

An alternative method is to click the three dots to the right of one of your calendars, then click Install and share. This will bring you to the same screen as the Export option.

On the same Settings screen, you’ll see an Import and Export option (arrow below). Click here and you will find options to import calendars as well as another button to export all your calendars in one go.

How to export Google calendar 2018

How to import and export Outlook calendar

To import Google Calendar into Outlook Windows app, go to File > Open and Export > Import and Export. Select the option to import an iCalendar (.ics) file.

How to Sync Google Calendar and Outlook

You may also want to check out 11 ways to use Google Calendar like a pro.

Arrive export your Outlook calendar (from the Outlook app), go to File > Open and Export > Import and Export. Option Export to file and save it to a .csv file.

How to import calendars using

If you use’s Calendar section, you cannot export, but you can enter.

To do that, click Add calendar then choose From file in the menu and navigate to your Google Calendar .ics file to import it.

How to view Outlook calendar and Google calendar together


On your Android phone or tablet, install the free Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play Store. (Unfortunately, you can’t just add a Microsoft or Outlook account in Android’s ‘add account’ settings. You can try adding an Exchange account, but it doesn’t work with all Microsoft accounts.)

When you first install it on your phone, a message will appear asking if you want to link it to another account, including Gmail. Select this option and your calendar will be synced.

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iPhones and iPads

The Calendar app on iPhone and iPad can also display Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar combined. Go to Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap Add account.

Use the options to add Google and accounts. Accept the offer to sync the calendar and that’s it. Events added to Google Calendar, Calendar, or Outlook, if synced with, will automatically appear in the iOS Calendar app.

How to Sync Google Calendar and Outlook

Use Invitation

One way to make the appointment appear in both Google calendar and Outlook simultaneously is to simply invite yourself by entering your email address when creating a new event. You essentially create a meeting with yourself, so in Google Calendar you’ll invite yourself by adding your Outlook or email address.

Outlook adds calendar invitations from Google as unconfirmed events. You can leave it like this or click Accept in the email to confirm it. doesn’t automatically add invitations to the calendar and you have to click Accept in email.

How to Sync Google Calendar and Outlook

You can manually accept email invitations sent from Outlook/ to Google Calendar in Gmail, but there is a better way. Click the gear icon in Google Calendar and click Setting. Click Shared at the top of the left column and scroll down until you see the Event settings section.

In here is an option to Automatically add invitations. Use the drop-down menu to select Right.

Google Outlook Calendar Synchronization - Import to Outlook

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