How to Stop Google Photos Backing Up Photos & Videos

There are plenty of ways to back up your phone or tablet’s camera roll, regardless of whether you have an iPhone or an Android. Apps from Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, and others can automatically make copies of each photo you take so they’re backed up securely. Google Photos has a lot going for it – it’s a great app for managing your photo library, but not everyone wants all of their photos and videos to automatically upload to Google’s servers. So here’s how to prevent Google Photos from backing up your stuff.

It’s easy to turn off backup and sync. Just launch the Google Photos app on your phone or tablet. Then, tap the menu icon in the top left corner (three horizontal bars) and then tap the Settings icon (the cogwheel).

How to stop Google Photos from backing up your pictures

You’ll see Backup and Sync at the top of the list. Tap it and then tap the toggle to disable the service.

That’s all you need to do, but there are other options you might prefer to choose before turning off backups entirely. If the problem is that Google Photos is using up your mobile data, use the deeper dropdown (highlighted in the rightmost image above) to prevent Google Photos from uploading photos and/or videos over 3G or 4G.

If the problem is that you are running out of space in your Google Drive, you can change the Upload size from ‘Original’ to ‘High Quality’ as the latter size does not count towards your Google storage and allows you to backup All my photos and videos are free, although the quality is a bit down.

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Back on the main Settings screen (center image), you can disable the Assistant card that suggests animations and automatically edited photos and movies.

There’s also an option here to prevent location information from being shared when you send someone the link of a photo. This prevents them from seeing where the photo was taken. By default, this option is disabled.

If you use an iPhone or iPad, you can read our comparison of Google Photos Photo Library and Apple’s iCloud Photo Library.

We are also looking into how to download all of your photos and videos from Google Photos here.

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