How to spawn tanks and planes in Battlefield V

Battlefield is famous for its massive 64-player battles with both land and air battles, with a combination of infantry, tanks, and planes causing utter chaos for all involved. family. That was further enhanced in Battlefield V with destructible environments, allowing tankmen and aerial bombarders to reshape the battlefield in real time.

That’s all well and good, but how do you approach tanks and planes when playing Battlefield V’s online multiplayer mode?

Here, we explain how to spawn tanks and planes in Battlefield V. For more Battlefield help, see how to customize your weapon loading.

How to get tanks and planes in Battlefield 5

So you are in a multiplayer match and want to cause some real damage to tanks or planes. How do you access them? First of all, you need to make sure that you are in the right game mode; Tanks and planes are available in Conquest battles, and some (but not all) Grand Operations.

Tanks and planes accessible through Deployment Overview – bad news? You will have to be killed to access it. Once you’ve been killed, don’t appear on your team. Instead, select Deployment Overview in the bottom-right corner of the screen for an overview of the game, including real-time explosions and more.

Locate your team’s base (it will be far left or far right in most maps) and select one of the icons around it – gears for tanks and propellers for machines fly. In a rather odd decision, the developers decided to make both icons white and are easy to miss unless you know they are there.

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The number next to each icon indicates how many vehicles are currently available. If it shows 1 or higher, click on it and select the tank/plane you want to appear, then click Deploy to lock to your choice.

If it shows 0, it means someone on your team took the plane/tank and is currently using it or it was recently destroyed. You will have to make a decision at this point; sit and wait for it to respawn and hope that there aren’t a few others that do the same, or show up as an infantry and try again in a few minutes. We would opt for the latter, but dedicated pilots and drivers may want to wait for it and secure a vehicle as soon as possible.

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