How to share large video files

Even with super-fast broadband, it can be difficult to share videos with family, friends, or colleagues. A short video that lasts only a few minutes shot on your phone can easily be several hundred megabytes, so how do you send it?

You can’t use email* and instant messaging services are mostly excluded. Even if you could send videos via WhatsApp or Messenger, they would drop in quality to a level that is probably unacceptable for most parties.

(* Actually you maybe use email in some cases. Apple Mail will offer to use Mail Drop to share files up to 5GB, and that’s automatic with no configuration required. Similarly, Gmail will refuse to attach a video larger than 25MB and will instead offer to share it via Google Drive. The recipient will receive an email with a link to download the file.)

Luckily, there are ways you can make your video smaller (not shorter) before sharing it, and there are various services designed for sharing large files, such as videos.

Before we get to the two main ways to share, you should try reducing your files to a more manageable size. You can do this with some apps, assuming you can download videos to your PC or Mac: it’s not so easy on a phone.

We prefer HandBrake because it’s free and pretty fast, but there are plenty of other apps out there including VideoProc. By choosing a lower resolution or even just a more efficient video codec (such as HEVC), you can make the video significantly smaller.

You can also use a video editor like DaVinci Resolve to shorten the video to remove any unnecessary parts, as well as save (display) at a lower resolution or bitrate to make the file look better. smaller while maintaining an acceptable level of quality.

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Cloud storage

Once you have your optimized video file, one of the best ways to share it is to upload it to a cloud service. It’s likely that your home broadband will have much slower upload speeds than downloads, so don’t be surprised if videos take a long time (maybe even hours) to upload.

But once it’s stored on Dropbox, Google Drive, or one of our recommended cloud storage services, you can share the link so anyone can download it – or even stream it if you want. support services, like Dropbox.

How to share large video files

Another advantage of cloud storage is that it won’t (or shouldn’t) mess with file compression in any way. If you upload a 1GB file, the size – and quality – it will remain.

YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites

Another option is to upload your video to a video hosting site. You may not want your video to be visible to anyone, but YouTube – and others – gives you the option to publish your video as ‘unlisted’. You can even make it private and choose specific people who are allowed to see it, but this is complicated to configure.

How to share large video files

This means that only people with the link can view it. YouTube doesn’t offer a download option (unless you’re a Premium member) but there are plenty of ways to download YouTube videos – it’s easy once you know how.

It’s easy to upload videos to these sites, whether from your PC or your phone. Again, upload times can be long if the service doesn’t compress the video before uploading.

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Since YouTube compresses/processes the video after you upload it, the quality may be slightly reduced


If you are looking for a quick and simple solution to send a large file, look no further than WeTransfer.

This service will send you large files (under 2GB) for free. There is also a paid option that comes with more benefits.

Just go to, choose free or premium, then you can upload your files.

How to send large video files step 1

  • Add the file you want to send using the ‘Add your file’ option
  • Enter the e-mail address of the person you want to send it to
  • Enter your own e-mail address
  • Add an optional message if you want

Once this has been done, hit ‘Transfer’ and your file will be uploaded.

The recipient of your file will receive an e-mail from WeTransfer. This email will contain a link to download the file.

The main downside is that the file won’t be available forever, so it’s not a good option if you want people to be able to download the video whenever they want.

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