How to set up Multiroom Audio on Google Home/Nest

If you have multiple Google Home or Nest devices, it’s easy to pair speakers to play audio from all devices at once and quickly transfer your tunes from one Google Home to the next.

If you haven’t set up a Homegroup yet, launch the Google Home app, tap the plus sign at the top left of the home screen, and select ‘Create speaker group’. Select the speakers you want to include (these must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your phone or tablet), click Next, then give the speaker a name and click Save.

Create a Google Home Group

If you’ve already set up a Homegroup but want to add a new speaker to it, launch the Home app, select the icon for the speaker you want to add, then tap the cog wheel icon to enter device settings. Scroll down and select Groups, then assign it to your existing HomeGroup and hit Save.

Set up Google Home Group

To play sound on a speaker, you say the usual command. But to play sound on all speakers, you just say “Okay, Google, pay [song name] on the Home group. “

Google has now introduced a new feature that allows you to transfer music from one speaker to another without having to play it across all the devices in the Homegroup. The new ‘Stream’ feature accepts this command when Google Assistant devices are configured in certain rooms in the house – just say “Ok Google, move music to the living room” or the kitchen or any where.

If you haven’t told Google which room the device is in, you’ll need to specify the device’s name, for example, “Okay, Google, switch music to the Bedroom speaker.”

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Nest Hub Control

Thanks to an August 2020 update, users with smart displays can have more control over the multi-room audio of their Nest products, speakers, and Chromecast.

The interface is available on the Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max as well as other Assistant-enabled smart displays and will be included in the Google Home app later ‘this fall’.

The smart display will now allow you to add or remove devices from the live group, as well as adjust the volume of each device individually. Just tap the icon in the bottom left corner when you’re playing audio from YouTube Music and Spotify.

Google Nest Multi-Room Audio Control

Now you’ll see all the devices around your home and can easily manage what’s going on. For example, you can transfer audio from one room to another, or create a party by sending it to every device.

Another feature of the update means that YouTube Music and Spotify Premium subscribers can ask, “Hello Google, recommend some music” to get recommendations.

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