How to send group emails in Gmail

Gmail makes it easy to quickly add certain people to your contact list as recipients to your email. However, if it’s just a few and you need to do this often, it makes more sense to put those people in a group, give it a name, and then you can just type in the name of the random group. whenever you need to email those people.

There’s nothing particularly obvious about how to do this, which is why you’re reading it right now, so, without wasting time, here’s what you need to do. Note: we are using the desktop version in a web browser.

How to create a group of contacts in Gmail

After signing in to Gmail in a web browser, go to Google Contacts. You do this by clicking the menu icon in the top right (1) and then the Contacts icon.

How to send group emails in Gmail

Move your mouse over the contacts you want to include in the list and click the check box that appears to include them. You may have to scroll down a lot in the contact list to find them all as you cannot use the search function to find and add people.

How to send group emails in Gmail

Above the list of contacts, look for the ‘Label’ icon. It looks like an arrow pointing to the right.

How to send group emails in Gmail

Click it and click + New Label. Now enter a name for the group, such as Family, Friends or Hockey Club. All you’re doing is tagging those contacts with a ‘label’. It’s like labeling emails in Gmail.

How to send group emails in Gmail

Click Save and then make sure the contacts are unchecked by clicking somewhere on the page with a space.

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How to send an email to a group in Gmail

With your group now created, you can try emailing its members.

Return to Gmail using the same menu icon at the top right of your browser window, or browse directly to

Click the ‘Compose’ button on the left side and IIn the field where you normally enter email addresses, enter the name of the group you just named.

Gmail will show the group as an option to click on, and if you do, Gmail will add the email addresses of the group members to the ‘To’ field. If you want to email yourself so you have a record in your inbox and cc everyone in the group, click Cc or Bcc on the right side.

How to send group emails in Gmail

Just enter the group name in one of those fields, remember that Cc will let people know other people have received the email, and Bcc – which stands for blind copy – will only show them their own email address and your. They won’t know who else you sent it to.

If Gmail are not pop up anything when you start typing your team name, that’s okay. Just click ‘Go’ and a new window will open.

How to send group emails in Gmail

Use the My Contacts drop-down menu to select your group, which will show everyone in the group. Then click on the ‘Select All’ box on the left, and finally click on Insert at the bottom right of the window. Obviously, you can just select the people you want to include, or use Select All, then deselect one or more people you don’t want to email.

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You can add or change people in the group by going back to Google Contacts. To add members, select the contact you want to add to the group, click the Labels icon, and click an existing group name from the list. To remove someone, select them the same way, click the Labels icon, and then click the group name. This will remove the blue checkmark to the right.

How to send group emails in Gmail

But what about Gmail’s daily sending limit?

Setting up groups the way described above doesn’t change anything: Gmail still has the same 500 email limit per day, and sending an email to a group of 500 people is the same as sending a separate email to 500 people. (If you have a G Suite account – Google’s business service – the limit is 2,000 emails per day.)

One way to send messages around these daily limits is to create a Google Group. You can then send an email to the group email address, which will reach all members of the group but not count towards the regular 500 limit.

How to send group emails in Gmail

This may or may not be appropriate depending on who you need to email: Google Groups is primarily intended to connect people with similar interests so that they can form discussion groups.

However, since it’s free, you can investigate, try it out and see if it works.

If you’re looking for some more handy Gmail tricks, here’s how to recall the Gmail you just sent and how to turn off Gmail switching.

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