How to send an anonymous email

There are some cases in life when you need to warn people about something but want to keep your identity hidden. This can be reported to the company you are working for if you discover wrongdoing, report a crime to the police, communicate with people living under an oppressive regime or any other situation. .

Being able to send emails anonymously is the safest way to ensure that you don’t get dragged into the middle of a potentially dangerous situation. So how can you do that? We show you a few ways to keep your messages private.

Send anonymous emails from a fake account

This may seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to send an anonymous email is to create and post it from a fake email account. In fact, forgery is probably the wrong term here. You can sign up with most online email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho, Hotmail, and others, that provide additional information. This account can then be used to send messages to others without being easily traced back to you.

Just make sure that when you set up your account, you don’t provide a phone number, username you’ve already used elsewhere, or other information (such as a recovery email address) that could lead you back your real life.

For added security, you should also consider using a VPN to prevent your home or work network’s ISP address from being stored on your email service provider’s servers. Check out our guide to the best free email services and our roundup of VPNs for some good options.

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Use a secure email provider

If you need a little extra security, you can try one of the privacy-focused email services available. Some of our favorites are Tutanota and Protonmail, but you’ll find a few more in our guide to the best encrypted email providers.

What all of these have in common is that they require no personal information to create an account, everything you send is encrypted (so even the company itself can’t read your email), and an IP address. for sent and received emails are discarded. This combination makes it a great, yet convenient, way to use services anonymously.

How to send an anonymous email: Tutanota

Send anonymous emails from disposable accounts

Those who want to leave as little trace as possible can use a temporary, disposable account to send one-time emails. Services like Guerillamail make this easy, because you just go to the website, choose Compose, compile tab and enter your message. If you want, there’s the option to attach documents and files up to 150MB in size.

How to send an anonymous email: Guerillamail

While the account remains active once created, all emails are deleted after one hour and any attachments are only valid for 24 hours. One thing to know, since there is no password or login details for the account, anyone who knows the address can access Guerillamail and access it, so the content remains on the site for a period of time. short time.

Keep this in mind if you want to receive replies, as the account can be compromised if someone discovers the address. That’s why it’s best to send a message or tip once, then walk away. Again, use a VPN when visiting websites for added security.

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