How To Right-Click On A Chromebook

Because Chromebooks are like laptops, they all have trackpads — or trackpads if you prefer. One thing you’ll notice is that your Chromebook doesn’t have two buttons below it like you might be used to on a Windows laptop.

That can make it a bit difficult for you to figure out how to right click (as well as some other functions). You might even wonder if right-clicking exists on Chromebooks. Yes, it’s true, and here’s how you can do it, along with some other helpful tips.

Note that you can usually plug a USB mouse into your Chromebook: most work without any problems. If you don’t have a mouse, but are thinking of buying one, you should look for the Works with Chromebook logo, ensuring compatibility.

How to use right-click on Chromebook

All Chromebooks have tap-to-click enabled as standard, so a single-finger tap on the trackpad will act like a normal click.

To use the right-click command (and access contextual menus, among other things), all you need to do is tap two fingers on the trackpad.

If you do this and the screen scrolls up or down, it means you just left your finger on the trackpad for too long because ChromeOS also uses two-finger gestures for scrolling. So just take your finger off the trackpad, tap it again with two fingers, and you’ll see the right-click menu appear.

How to Use Other Touchpad Gestures on a Chromebook

Besides the right-click feature, there are a number of other useful trackpad gestures that can make life on your Chromebook easier. Here are the ones we use most often:

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View all open windows

If you have multiple applications or browser windows open at once, it can be tiring to scroll through them all or go down to the toolbar and select the right icon. Instead, swipe up with three fingers, and you’ll instantly see all the currently open windows on your Chromebook.

Open a link in a new tab

If you’re on a web page and want to open a link but also want to keep the current page, tapping the link with three fingers will open it in a new tab.

Move between pages

When using the browser, you can move back and forth between pages you’ve opened by swiping left with two fingers (to go back) or swiping right with two fingers (to go forward). This is useful if there’s something on the page you just left that you want to know about.

Move between tabs

This is probably our favorite of all the ChromeOS trackpad gestures. Again, in the Chrome browser, if you have multiple tabs open and want to easily switch between them, place three fingers on the trackpad and move them left or right. You’ll see the highlighted tab change to match your gesture, then lift your finger off the trackpad to select the panel you want. So simple, so useful.

Those are just some of the ways to use the touchpad gestures built into ChromeOS. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reliability and consistency of the touchpad experience on most of the Chromebooks we’ve tested, especially when compared to some Windows laptops. If this makes you want to try a Chromebook for yourself or upgrade your current model to a brand new one, be sure to read our guide to the best Chromebooks so you can choose the device that best suits your needs. your demand.

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