How to Reset PS4: Prepare PlayStation 4 for Sale

PlayStation 5 is still like gold dust, but so far many of us have been lucky enough to buy one. And that means one thing for the upcoming PS4: millions of unloved consoles will now be looking for their new permanent home.

If the PlayStation 4 no longer has a place in your heart or your home, you might have considered giving it away or even selling it. MusicMagpie is currently paying between £100 and £115 for those in good condition, and you can earn even more if you list it through an auction site.

But before you sell or give away your PS4, make sure to deactivate the console as your primary device and remove all personal information from it. This can also help if you’re connected to your PS4 but it’s playing, and if this is the case, be sure to back up any saved data to an external or online device before you begin. .

How to deactivate PS4

  • Open settings
  • Select Manage Account
  • Select ‘Activate as your primary PS4’
  • Select Deactivate
  • Select Yes

How to factory reset PS4

  • Open settings
  • Scroll down and select Initialize
  • Select Initialize PS4
  • Select full

Initialize PS4

This process can take more than an hour to erase all your personal data, and you should be careful not to shut down the control panel before it’s done. Note that this cannot be undone, so be absolutely sure before deleting your data.

How to reset PS4 in Safe mode

If you can’t even access the Settings menu to reset your PS4, you can also access the ‘Initialize PS4’ option from Safe Mode.

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Enter Safe mode by turning off the panel, then press and hold the power button for about eight seconds, until you hear two beeps.

We recommend caution when selecting the ‘Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)’ option here, as it will require you to reinstall the software from another device. Only use this as a last resort.

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