How to Remove TouchWiz from a Samsung Phone

TouchWiz: it’s gotten a lot better in recent years, has fewer bugs, and doesn’t take up too much storage and resources, but UI haters will continue to hate. We recommend giving it a chance, but if you can’t then read on below. (You might also like our Galaxy S8 review.)

You have come to this article looking for a way to get rid of TouchWiz and the fact is that unless you are prepared to root your phone and flash a custom ROM it will not happen. But you don’t have to look at TouchWiz every day, and no one is forcing you to use any Samsung apps.

Therefore, the solution is simple: install a custom launcher. The difficulty is finding one you don’t like less than TouchWiz.

If you just want to clean things up and get a more pure Android experience, then the Google Now Launcher might be a good place to start. We also like Nova Launcher. See also: Best Android phones 2017

Install a custom launcher on your Samsung phone

Install Google Now Launcher on Samsung Galaxy

• Open the Google Play Store and search for Google Now Launcher, Nova Launcher or another free launcher app

• Tap Install, accept the permission pop-up, then tap Open when the installation is complete

• You will be prompted to select the Home app, so select the launcher you just installed. TouchWiz will no longer show up on your Samsung phone

Custom Launcher on Samsung Galaxy

Of course, it may not be the interface itself that annoys you, but the pre-installed apps and bloatware. The best way to get rid of these or minimize their impact on your experience is to reset your phone (remember to back up all your important data first), then when performing the procedure. setup, be careful not to enable any Samsung services.

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You can reset your phone by going to Settings, General Management, Reset, Factory Reset.

While you cannot uninstall any of the pre-installed apps, you can clear their cache and disable them in the Settings menu, Applications.

If you are absolutely determined to get rid of TouchWiz once and for all, check out our advice on how to root Android.

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