How to Record Phone Calls

Recording phone calls can sometimes be helpful. Having an undisputed record of what was said, or even just keeping it as an audio reminder, can be a safe bet for the future. We will show you how to do that.

This is perfectly legal in the UK although it is polite to notify your contacts if you plan to record them. Indeed, if a third party knew they were being recorded, that information alone could have yielded beneficial results.

There are several ways you can record your calls – some work with landlines, some work with smartphones, and some work with both – and you can get started. without any additional hardware or paid services.

How to record phone calls

For a simple method, if your phone has hands-free capabilities, switch it to speakerphone and record through your PC’s microphone like you would any other. Needless to say, ambient noise will also be recorded. Use the more advanced but free Windows Voice Recorder or Audacity. Here is a tutorial on how to use Audacity

How to record phone calls - Step 1 Audacity

An approach similar to the first but without the background noise is to use a suction cup that attaches to the phone (but is not mobile or wireless). They don’t fit too well with some phones but with prices starting at a few pounds they’re well worth a try.

How to record phone calls - Step 2

Again, the same, but without drawbacks, of the first two methods is to use a connection device between the handle and the base unit of the landline phone. Some only work with tape recorders but the £35.99 unit from works with PCs.

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How to record phone calls - Step 3

Also for landlines are stand-alone recorders that plug into the phone line. Some also function as recorders and mp4 players. They have a USB connection for uploading recordings to your PC. Check out the £34.99 4GB recorder from

How to record phone calls - Step 4

Record Your Calls ( allows you to record incoming or outgoing calls. For outgoing calls, call 0872 100 3000 and then, when prompted, dial the number followed by the hash. Write down the PIN and hang up when you’re done.

How to record phone calls - Step 5

You can get your recording by calling 0872 110 3001 but if you want to download it from the website you will have to register. Registration is also required to record incoming calls. For a free account, click ‘Sign up today’, on the homepage.

If you want to be able to record incoming calls, log in and select the ‘My Incoming Numbers’ tab. Click ‘Get a new number’ and then choose a number that will be the number people should call you if you want to record calls.

To retrieve recorded calls, log in and ensure that the ‘My recordings’ tab is selected. Enter the number you called and the PIN you were given and click OK. You will be shown details about the available records. Click the down arrow icon to download.

One method that will work with landlines or cell phones is to use an ear microphone with Windows Sound Recorder or Audacity. It will pick up voice and audio from your phone but also not get rid of some background noise. The Olympus TP8 costs just under £20.

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How to record phone calls - Step 9

How to record calls on Android phones

There are many Android apps available but we found the Free Automatic Call Recorder from Appstar Solutions to be very effective. Download if from Play Store and by default all your calls will be recorded. Use the app to play them back.

If you save a recording (with options for location), you can download it to your PC. The default file format is .AMR, WMP won’t play, but free players are available. Or choose the WAV option but the files will be huge.

How to record phone calls - Step 11

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