How to Play Fortnite Cross-Platform

Fortnite is now available for almost every major platform, from PC to Mac, from consoles to iOS and Android, and has a huge daily player base. What if you want to play Fortnite with friends who aren’t playing on the same platform as you? While with many games you simply get lucky, Epic Games supports cross-platform play on Fortnite, which means you can play with friends on PC, Xbox, Switch, Mobile and (eventually) PS4 simultaneous.

Here, we explain which platforms are cross-platform compatible before giving you a step-by-step guide on how to play cross-platform Fortnite.

What platforms are compatible?

If you’re a longtime Fortnite player, you’ll be aware of the issues surrounding cross-platform support on PS4. Historically, PS4 players could only play against PS4, PC, Mac, and Mobile players, with no support for competing consoles like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

After great pressure from the gaming community and other console makers, Sony announced in September 2018 that cross-platform support would be coming to the PS4, starting with Fortnite. It’s available in beta right now, and Sony says it will reveal more details about the timeframe and implications of this for future games soon.

Anyway, we’re off topic. With Fortnite now available on so many platforms, it’s hard to keep track of who you can play with. But the worry is gone; We’ve created a handy table below to help you stay on track.

Communication PC & Mac PS4 Xbox one Nintendo Switch Mobile
PC & Mac Right Right Right Right Right
PS4 Right Right Right Right Right
Xbox one Right Right Right Right Right
Nintendo Switch Right Right Right Right Right
Mobile Right Right Right Right Right
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Now that you know which friends you can and can’t play with, it’s time to explain exactly how to join a cross-platform group in Fortnite. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds!

How to play Fortnite cross-platform

The confusion with cross-platform play begins with creating a cross-platform party. As you might have guessed by now, the process is a bit different than joining your friends playing on your platform and will instead require you to add your friends through your Epic Games account their. Think of your Epic Games account as the cross-platform Fortnite glue, allowing you to sync your progress, skins, and more.

Before we continue, it should be noted that you will have to link your Epic Games account to your PS4 / Xbox One / Switch account before you can cross-play. You’ll be prompted to link your account when you first sign in on PS4, Xbox One, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch, so most players won’t need to do anything.

  1. Add your friends through your Epic Games account on the Fortnite Battle Royale lobby menu.
  2. Set your Fortnite privacy settings to Public or Friends, depending on your preference.
  3. Choose Duos or Squad mode.
  4. Your friends can now find and join you through the Party Finder on the BR lobby menu.

And that’s it! You can now play with your friends on Fortnite on multiple platforms.

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