How to Play DVDs in Windows 10 for Free

For all the highly configurable new features Microsoft introduced on Windows 10, it lost a key. You can no longer play DVDs on your PC and laptop, even if your device still has a drive.

If you have upgraded from premium versions of Windows 7 or 8.1, you can still have an original program in the form of Windows DVD Player, but for others it is not possible unless you install the program third party.

Microsoft has decided to remove Windows Media Center from Windows 10 but allows people to upgrade from the Pro or Ultimate editions of Windows 7/8 Windows DVD Player. For everyone else, it’s a paid app in the Windows Store that currently costs £12.49 / $14.99. It also currently has a three-star rating, but cannot play Blu-ray discs.

However, assuming you’re not running Windows 10 S and can download apps from your browser, we recommend trying VLC Player. The application is completely free and is usually our application for playing video files on your computer, but it also has a convenient DVD player built in. Here’s how to use it.

How to watch DVDs for free on Windows 10?

VLC is a great app for your PC and laptop, with the ability to play almost any type of media (CD, DVD, digital format, streaming) no problem. Although it is a free download, it can run on all major platforms and can even play Blu-ray with the right files.

VLC Player is available for download both via the Microsoft Store and from the official website, where you can also download it for Mac.

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When the download is complete, double-click the file (usually in your Downloads folder), agree to let the file make changes on your system, choose your language, then follow the wizard setup wizard to make sure that you choose the recommended setting.

Play DVDs in Windows 10

Once the installation is complete, insert a DVD into your drive, then open VLC, select Media > Open Disc from the menu bar at the top.

Play DVDs in Windows 10

Select your DVD drive from the Disk Device drop-down list (usually D:) and click Play. You should now have access to your DVD library again, and all is well again. It’s a great idea to turn your DVDs into MP4 files so you can watch them on any device, even without a DVD drive.

Play DVDs in Windows 10

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