How to permanently delete apps on iPhone

The App Store can be filled with tons of great apps, but if an app doesn’t meet your needs or expectations then you’ll want to remove it from your iPhone. We show you three different ways to free up storage (and home screen real estate) by deleting apps.

How to delete apps on iOS 13?

A quick way to delete single apps on iPhone with 3D Touch is always to press down on the icon until a menu appears. As of the iOS 13.2 update, this method is now also available for non-3D Touch devices.

So, if you just want to delete an app, tap and hold its icon and wait for the menu to pop up. Then it’s just a case of exploitation Delete options and confirm your decision by tapping Delete once again.

How to delete apps on iPhone: 3D Touch

If you haven’t updated to iOS 13.2 yet, follow our guide on How to Update iOS on iPhone or iPad.

How to delete multiple iPhone apps at once?

The classic method to remove apps from iPhone is to create ‘wobble’ icons. This isn’t exactly Apple’s official term, but it’s pretty much what people call it.

With the introduction of the previous method, it seems that this is no longer part of iOS, but that is not true. To make those icons start jumping, all you need to do is press and hold one of them, ignore the context menu that appears, then when you see the icons start to wiggle, you can can stop pressing.

How to delete apps on iPhone: Jiggle mode

In the top left corner of each app, you’ll see a circle with a cross inside. Tapping this clears the app, and you can do as much as you want before exiting jiggle by pressing either the Home button or the Side button depending on the iPhone you have.

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How to delete iPhone apps in Settings?

If you prefer to use the menu system rather than using dance icons, that is also an option. Simply go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage then scroll down through the list until you find the app in question. Select it, then on the next page tap Delete apps options, confirm your choice, and it won’t bother you anymore.

How to delete apps on iPhone: Settings

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