How to perform a Wi-Fi interference test

Wi-Fi interference reduction is a challenge for many people, and if your Internet service provider can’t help you, it can be even more frustrating.

By performing a Wi-Fi interference test, you can detect anything that interferes with a stable Wi-Fi connection and prevent any possible interference.

Whether you’re a business owner, startup, or consumer who relies on an internet connection, wireless interference tests will make all the difference. Read on to find out how you can proceed on your own.

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Use heatmaps and reposition the router

The location of your router has a big effect on the performance of your Wi-Fi, affecting speed or glitches when using the internet.

To find out where your Wi-Fi connection is interrupted the most, you should use a heat map tool.

The heat map will show you ‘dead zones’, which are areas with little or no connectivity, meaning you can tweak your network to improve connectivity. We like NetSpot, because it can Measure the effect of distance from the router and interference of building structures.

However, before you start mapping the network, you should find the best location for your router.

One of the best locations for a router is near the main phone outlet.

Interference can also occur from walls and floors. If your router is mounted on a brick wall or on a metal stand, there may be some interference. We recommend that you consider moving the router onto a wooden or glass shelf.

Download Wi-Fi Analyzer App

Download Wi-Fi Analyzer App

There are many tools available to help determine if and where your Wi-Fi is disrupted by heavy interference.

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For Android users are countless Wi-Fi analysis tools can provide extremely useful information on your network.

For example, a good analyzer will inform you about the best location for your router and recommend the best channel. Some will also show you the local area and flag if the interference is from within your home or just to the area you live in.

Sadly, the second problem is much harder to solve.

Buy a power line adapter

Buy a power line adapter

Connecting a powerline adapter to a Wi-Fi access point or extender will not only increase the range of your wireless connection, but will also highlight any areas that remain unconnected.

Once you’ve set up the adapter and connected some of your devices to it, you may find the initial Wi-Fi network interference is reduced. This may mean that the initial interference you feel is caused by too many connected devices.

Alternatively, you can also choose a power line converter that uses existing wiring for the Ethernet connection. This makes it easy to extend your network through walls and also cuts the cost of buying expensive new wires.

Change Wi-Fi channel

Change Wi-Fi channel

Another way to check if interference is caused by too many devices or network traffic is to change your Wi-Fi channel to an unused channel.

This will help increase your Wi-Fi speed as your current channel may be blocked by neighbors or nearby office users, which can cause interference between networks.

Depending on the router, a lot of recent routers have the feature to automatically show the least crowded channels.

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Reconfigure your router

Reconfigure your router

If nothing works, you may want to reconfigure your router to check if this is the cause of your ‘interference’.

Adjusting the settings will improve Wi-Fi reliability and speed. It is quite simple to implement in general and can be done directly from the router configuration control panel on the computer browser; The router manual must provide instructions and a password.

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