How To Open EPUB Files In Windows

If you’ve downloaded or sent a file in epub format, you’re probably wondering how to open it.

Here we will explain the free options. These epub files can be especially helpful for people with vision impairment, as you can use many free text-to-speech applications to ask them to read aloud using your computer.

What is an epub file?

The acronym EPUB stands for Electronic Publication and is an extremely popular e-book format used worldwide.

Unlike .azw files used by Amazon’s Kindle, epub doesn’t have any digital rights management (DRM) restrictions that prevent you from reading it on multiple devices. This makes it the perfect file format for sharing open source books, manuals or any non-copyrighted publications.

Windows used to have epub support built into the Microsoft Edge browser, but the switch to the Chromium version in September 2019 ended this. However, don’t worry, there are still free ways to open epub files on Windows 10.

Use free apps to open epub files in Windows

Caliber is a free e-book management application that has been around for many years. It’s a great way to keep an epub library together, plus it has some other features like being able to convert one file type to another and of course allowing you to read them.

How to open an epub file in windows: Calibre

To open your epub file, download Caliber and install the app. Launch it, then click More books in the top right corner. Find the file you want to read, click it, then when you see it appear in the main Caliber pane highlight it and click View at the top of the screen.

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How to open an epub file in windows: View epub

You should now see the epub file appear in a new window, which you can resize to suit your reading preferences.

How to open an epub file in windows: Read epub

However, Caliber is not the only standalone reader for epub files, as you can also check out Kobo, Freda, Icecream EPUB reader and others.

Use a browser plugin to open an epub file in Windows

If you don’t want to install something full-featured like Caliber, there are some good plugins and extensions for your browser. With Microsoft Edge now based on Google’s Chromium engine, you’ll find that any extension for Google Chrome will be available for Edge as well as Opera.

Firefox has its own library, though, so you’ll need to look through it to find a suitable option.

One of the most popular extensions for e-books on Chrome is EPUBReader. This free app is a simple way to open and read all your epub files without leaving your browser. To download, visit the EPUBReader page on the Chrome Extension Store and click Add to Chrome button.

how to open epub file in windows: Browser Extension

The icon will appear on your toolbar shortly after or more people need to click on the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome and select More tools > Extensions find EPUBReader and click the switch to enable it.

When you want to open an epub file, click on the EPUBReader icon in the toolbar and you will see a folder icon appear.

How to open an epub file in windows: Find files

Click here, find the epub file, then double-click it to see what it displays in your browser window.

how to open epub file in windows: Read file

Of course, another way to read e-books is on a dedicated device, so make sure to also review our best Kindle compilations and best e-readers.

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