How to make sparkling water at home

If you love carbonated drinks or carbonated water, you know buying in the supermarket can be a difficult thing. It’s heavy, takes up a lot of space and makes recycling full of plastic bottles.

There is another way: do it yourself at home. Distilling water using CO2 – carbon dioxide – is quick and simple with a reverse rotator like the humble SodaStream.

Just fill a bottle with tap water, press the top button a few times depending on how carbonated you like it, and bingo, you’ve got your new carbonated water.

Add a slice of lemon or some mead and you’ve got a delicious, healthy drink that’s significantly better than a carbonated beverage high in sugar or sweeteners. Or if you want carbonated water, complementary water, or other mixers for an event, you can mix as much as you want during the day and don’t need to carry heavy bottles around.

It is also much better for the environment as you can reuse the plastic or glass bottles that come with the SodaStream. Given that each cylinder holds up to 60l of water, that’s a lot of single-use plastic bottles that you don’t have to buy and recycle or – worse – throw away.

Having sparkling water available at the touch of a button is a great motivator to stay hydrated, and the SodaStream has a small tabletop stand, so it’s easy to place on your kitchen worktop. .

To actually make spark water with SodaStream, you fill the bottle with tap water to the mark. If you like, you can fill it up with water from a filtered water tank if you have one.

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Place it in the machine at an angle so the nozzle is just below the water level and push it home so it’s upright. Now press and hold the button at the top for two seconds and release. Do this three times for mild carbonation and five times if you prefer more foam.

How to make your own carbonated water at home

If you want to make lemonade, cream soda, cola, and other classic flavors, you can buy these packets from SodaStream and add them when the water is carbonated.

There are three machines in the range. The Spirit Classic is completely manual, but a little more is the One Touch, a phone model that more precisely cleans water carbonate to varying degrees. The Crystal version is compatible with carafe-style glass bottles, for those who want to avoid plastic entirely.

There are also some models that are no longer available from SodaStream itself, such as the Genesis, which is still available from Amazon for £49.99.

How to make your own carbonated water at home

Best SodaStream Deals

If you’re considering buying SodaStream, here are the best deals we could find at the moment.

SodaStream itself has the best deals on morale (classic machine, not using electricity). Normally it would set you back £99 but you can currently buy it for £49.99. This Agreement applies only if you buy gray or red model. Along with your machine, you will receive a carbon cylinder and a compatible 1-liter bottle.

You can also pick up the £69.99 Hydration Pack and you’ll get the machine, a carbonated cylinder, two compatible 1-litre bottles, two 500ml bottles and two Soda Press flavors. On both of these deals, you’ll also get free shipping and a two-year warranty.

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If you don’t want it in gray or red, the next best deal is on Amazon, where you can get the Spirit movement in black, a carbon cylinder and a compatible 1-litre bottle for £67.95 . This still saves you a third of the RRP.

Your best choice for one touch is to buy it from Amazon for £102.99almost £30 cheaper than from SodaStream itself.

SodaStream also has a deal on Crystal (glass bottle version) for £99.99, down from £149.99. You will also receive a carbon cylinder and a compatible carafe bottle.

If you want more carafes, the most cost-effective package is the Crystal Mega Pack from John Lewis for £119.99. You will receive the Crystal machine, one carbon cylinder and three compatible glass carafes. SodaStream has a comparable pack but it’s £30 more expensive and the only extras are two bottles of flavored syrup.

If you’re interested in more deals and discounts, browse through our month’s best tech deals.

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