How to Launch Nukes in Fallout 76: A Step-By-Step Guide

Launching a kernel in Fallout 76 is one of the coolest things to do in online multiplayer, as it not only creates an epic real-time event witnessed by all other online players, but also creates highly irradiated areas filled with heavily mutated creatures. and rare loot – in other words, a Fallout player’s dream.

While it’s certainly an epic event, it’s not as simple as fighting your way through the Scorcher hordes to reach the missile silos. There are steps to follow and it can take a while. If you’re interested, we have a complete guide on how to launch kernels in Fallout 76 below.

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  1. Join the Enclave and get promoted to General
  2. Get a nuclear keyword tag from Cargobot
  3. Find eight pieces of nuclear code by killing Officer-ranked Scorched and Feral Ghoul
  4. Decode the shards and equip the Keyword Card
  5. Get out of the silo and approach the station
  6. Select the desired location and launch the kernel

How to start the kernel in Fallout 76

So you want to drop nukes in Fallout 76… In the end, it’s been a long time (and spoiler-y) ol’ the path to fusion destruction.

The Enclave

While you may have heard of code snippets, that would come much later; Your journey to launch a nucleus begins by joining the Enclave faction and being promoted to the rank of General. If you still haven’t encountered the Enclave on your journey, the quest begins at the Abandoned Garbage, to the east of Mire. You’ll encounter a holotape in a law ring’s nest that will lead you to a nearby Senator’s bunker, and from there you’ll be led to a bunker in Whitespring Run where you’ll meet an Enclave AI named MODUS.

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Working for MODUS will grant you access to the Enclave. Once you’re in, you need to go to Camp McClintock in the Woods and pass basic training to become a soldier. Once you’ve passed your basic training, that’s the main task at hand; rank up to the rank of General. To do this, you’ll need to earn 10 rewards, either by completing the Enclave Event or taking down three-star creatures that roam the world and deliver them at the Enclave station.

After being promoted to General, you will be granted access to the Command Center in the Whitespring Bunker. At this point, you’ll be given specific steps to launch a nuke, and locations of interest will be marked on your map, making things a little easier.

Kernel Keycards and Codes

The next step is that you can own a Nuclear Key Card. They are often found on Cargobots roaming the free world, but they are not alone; Cargobots are guarded by a team of Vertibots. Once you’ve taken down the Cargobot, locate the Safe Transport Bin (indicated by a cloud of smoke) and select the key to access the Nuclear Keycard.

The next step may take a while; you need to collect eight pieces of code. These are found on Scorched or Feral Ghoul Officers, easily recognizable by the watery backpacks they wear. You can go out into the world and hunt them freely, or you can go to the Enclave Command Center and use the surveillance terminal to locate the officers carrying the complexes.

All pieces must be for the same silo and with three silos available, it can take a while. Don’t take too long, though, as the shards you keep will self-destruct after a week to avoid hoarding.

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Decrypt the code and launch the kernel

Once you’ve got them, you’ll need to decipher them using the messages on the wall inside the respective missile silos. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you can use the community-generated NukaCrypt Code Decrypter to provide you with a list of possible outcomes, but it should be noted that Nuclear Keycards are for one-time use and code only. Inaccuracies will result in them being wiped out.

Now comes the interesting part; Choose where to drop your bomb, launch and head out to see the incredible event. It will be hard to miss!

Collect rare resources at the bomb field

You’ve launched your kernel and it looks epic. That’s all there is to do, isn’t it? Wrong. One of the main reasons to launch nukes is to create a (temporary) new area filled with toxic radiation, unbelievable high level enemies and of course, extremely precious and rare loot. While the topography of the environment won’t be significantly different (somehow, the buildings will still stand), the area will be covered with dense toxic air, limiting your view.

If you’re brave enough, get dressed and get going!

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