How to Know if Someone Blocked you on iPhone

One great thing about iPhones is that they make it simple to block annoying callers. If you keep getting nasty automated calls asking if you’ve had a recent accident, you can hang up, access the call log, and block the caller – as long as they don’t withhold the number. mine.

But what if it happens the other way around? If you find that you cannot contact a particular person after many attempts, is there a way to know if they have blocked friend above of them Phone Iphone?

Similarly, if they don’t reply to your messages, you can see if it’s because you’re blocked or because they’ve turned on Do Not Disturb.

Before we look at the tips, know this: it is difficult to know for sure if you will be blocked. But hopefully, you’ll be able to figure it out one way or another.

The most likely scenario is that you are being paranoid and the other person cannot reply to your messages or call you back.

However, if that’s not all on your mind, here are some signs that you might have been blocked on your iPhone. If you need to be 100 percent sure, you’ll need to ask them directly.

What happens to a blocked phone call?

To test what happens with blocked calls, we blocked a number and tracked the experience on both phones. When calling from a blocked number, the caller will either hear one ring or not ring at all, but the other phone will remain silent. The caller is then notified that the recipient is unavailable and is redirected to voicemail (if that service is set up by the person you’re calling).

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There doesn’t seem to be a reason why the number of rings changes, but if you hear two or more you can be sure you’re not blocked.

Note that you can leave a message if someone has blocked you, but the blocker will never be notified of the message. It appears at the bottom of their voicemail list in the Blocked Messenger section (if they’re using a service that supports visual voicemail like O2 or EE), but most people probably won’t check it. check there.

What happens to a blocked text message?

Texting someone who has blocked you works as you expect. The message will send as usual and you will not receive an error message. This doesn’t help the clue at all.

If you have an iPhone and try to send an iMessage to the person who blocked you, it will still be blue (meaning it’s still an iMessage). However, the person you have been blocked will never receive that message. Note that you don’t get the ‘Sent’ message as you usually see, but the message itself is not proof that you’ve been blocked. They simply cannot have any active signal or internet connection at the time you send the message.

OK, so am I blocked or not?

Calls are the best source of evidence to determine if you have been blocked by an iPhone user. It’s important that you’re always redirected to voicemail after exactly one ring – if they reject your call, the number of rings will change each time, and if the phone is off, it won’t ring .

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Also keep in mind that Do Not Disturb mode will also disconnect you after exactly one ring, so don’t worry too much if your calls don’t go through at 3am. Have a Do Not Disturb setting that allows users to specify that repeated calls are allowed so you can always try again right away – just make sure your call is urgent, or else they might block you for real this time!

Finally, we want to reiterate that this is not an exact science, so don’t create any angry scenes without knowing for sure. Also: relax, relax and try not to worry about it. If they blocked your number, hey, who needs them?

(If your problem is the opposite and you have an iPhone and want to prevent callers from disturbing or texting you, here’s how to block a number).

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