How to Join the PS5 Beta Program: Access New Features First

Sony’s PS5 system software beta program is for dedicated fans who want an early look at new features and provide the company with feedback that could have a direct impact on how updates are formed. future software updates – great, right?

Testing software before release is certainly not without risk, but if you’re a staunch Sony fan, you’ll get a boost from using new features and functions before anyone else. else, the PS5 beta program is for you.

We outline how you can join Sony’s PS5 beta program, including requirements and risks, right here.

Why should I join the PS5 beta program?

Sony’s PS5 system software beta program isn’t for everyone – as with all betas, there will likely be bugs and issues – but it will provide participants with early access, Exclusive access to the big new features coming to PS5.

The beta program does not consist of smaller ‘point’ updates that focus on bug fixes, but larger system updates that introduce new features and functionality.

Features rolled out to PS5 players since release include cross-generational Share Play and an updated user interface, suggesting that exciting new features could be available in store for those who decide plan to participate and help the company fix bugs before the full release.

As confirmed by Sony, the current PS5 beta includes a voice assistant for gamers in the UK and US, as well as many side chat improvements, game base tweaks, user interface features new and more.

How can I join the PS5 beta program?

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 beta program is available to existing PS5 owners in the UK, US, Canada, Japan, Germany and France, although you must be over 18 years old and have a PSN account in good standing to participate. family.

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The highlight is that it’s unlike other beta programs that are only open to anyone who wants to participate – instead, you’ll have to enter a lottery to win one of the program’s limited numbers. You can do that by visiting the PS5 Beta Program website and signing in with your PlayStation Network account.

If successful, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to download the beta system update. The beta program is also linked to your PSN, so don’t think you’ll be able to skip the official process and install a copy of the beta software you can find online.

Due to the NDA nature of Sony’s beta program, which prevents users from discussing functionality with any third parties, we can’t detail the exact steps here – you’ll just have to follow instructions in the confirmation email if you are opted in.

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