How to Hide Files & Folders in Android

There are any number of reasons why you might want to keep some files on your Android device secret. Preventing likes by WhatsApp and other apps from showing them as an option when you want to post something is one, especially since we often have online meetings at the moment, maybe This can include sharing your screen to show off things to your co-workers. It could also mean that you’re putting together a collection of images to make a surprise birthday gift for your partner and don’t want them to accidentally look at it when they borrow your phone.

Whatever the reason, it’s very easy to hide these files or folders on your Android device. It does not require any additional applications and the process only takes a few seconds to complete. Plus, it’s also very simple to display files again. We show you how to hide files in Android.

How to hide individual files on Android?

If you just want to hide a single file or a few selected files, then you can do this easily. On your device, open a file manager app (this is often called My files on Samsung devices or Files on pure Android). Select the relevant storage media (usually Internal storage or SD card if your device has that option), then navigate to the file or files you want to hide.

How to Hide Files in Android: Using File Manager

Press and hold the file until you see some menu options appear. Tap the three dots in the top right corner, then select Change name. Now, all you need to do is put a full period (or dot for our American readers) at the beginning of the filename. Once you’ve done this, press Change name and you will see that the file is now gone from the list.

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How to hide files in Android: Rename files

Don’t worry, it’s still there, just hidden for viewers. You can repeat this process for as many files as you want, knowing they won’t be harmed but will be hidden from anyone looking at your phone or apps that have access to your files. If you’d like to see this file, scroll down as we’ll explain how to do this below.

How to hide folders in Android?

The process of hiding folders is exactly the same as for individual files. So make sure you have stored all the files in the folder then follow the steps outlined above. Only this time rename the folder instead of renaming the file.

How to see hidden files and folders on Android?

So files or folders are now hidden from prying eyes. That’s great, but you can’t see them either, which isn’t very good. Here is a quick fix. All you need to do is open the file manager app and tap the three dots in the top right corner and select Setting. Here, scroll down until you can see Show hidden system files then turn it on.

How to hide files in Android: Reveal files

Now, if you navigate back to the folder containing hidden files or folders, you’ll see them at the top of the list, slightly grayed out to indicate their hidden status. Note that the files are only visible in the file manager app, so they won’t appear on apps like WhatsApp or your photo library until you rename them again, deleting them all. (dot) from the beginning of their filename.

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