How To Give or Receive A Top Fan Badge On Facebook

If you are a frequent visitor to popular Facebook pages and groups, then you may have discovered a little gem icon with the caption Top fans on some of your fellow commenters’ posts. These mark those individuals as Top Fans as well. So what are they and how do you get one? We explain.

What is the Top Fan badge on Facebook?

There are many badges that appear on people’s posts in Facebook pages or groups: originally just Top Fans and Valuable Commenters, but now several new badges are available. available for Facebook groups.

As the names suggest, the first award goes to those who are most active and engaged on a page or group, while the second honors those who regularly post comments.

how to get top fan badge on facebook

New badges for teams of 50 or more members include:

  • Admin or Moderator: Lets you know who is responsible for managing the site
  • New member: Highlight new people to the group so you can make them feel welcome
  • Group anniversaries: Show up on the day the person joins the group to celebrate their commitment
  • The person who started the conversation: Someone who regularly creates new posts shows good engagement through likes and comments
  • Founding member: Acknowledge people who were there in the first place (within the first three days), helping you build membership and engagement
  • Enhanced conversation: Acknowledge those who encourage others to contribute or who make valuable comments
  • Visual storytellers: People who often share useful photos and videos
  • Welcome person: Someone who frequently replies to comments from new members
  • Link of person in charge: Someone who regularly shares helpful links to resources elsewhere on the web
  • Rising star: New members get the most comments and reactions in their first month as a member
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Team admins can enable or disable these badges by going to Setting > Tools & Insights for Admins > Team Badge.

How do I get the Top Fan badge?

The answer is simple: get very involved in the lifecycle of a page or team. This includes watching posted videos, liking and sharing posts, and of course commenting.

However, there are some regulations. The page or group in question must have more than 10,000 followers, so this will definitely rule out your local church group or book club. Pages must also have Facebook badges enabled for all of this to work.

You can see who a page’s top fans are by going to it and clicking Community in the left column. This will then present you with a box at the top named Top fanlists a selected few inside.

how to get top fan badge on facebook

How to award the Top Fan badge

On your laptop PC, open Facebook and navigate to your page or group. Choose Setting tab, then click Facebook Badge in the left hand column. Make sure the slider beside it Turn on top fan badge is set to Above.

That’s it, your Top Fans will now be automatically selected when they reach the required level of engagement.

How to remove the Top Fan badge

If, at any point, you want to revoke this privilege, simply click on the Top Fan comment and select Remove badges right to buy.

Also, choose Community from the left column, find the person you want to remove the privilege from, then tap the three dots next to their name and select Remove top fan badge.

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