How to Get the Degrees Symbol on Your Keyboard

Sometimes you want to include the temperature or use the correct notation for the angles instead of simply typing the word “degrees”. So knowing how to insert degree notation is very helpful. A quick glance at your PC’s keyboard reveals a distinct lack of the ‘°’ symbol, so where can you actually find it?

There are several ways to easily add this to your prose, and we’ll show you the steps you need to take.

Use the numeric keypad on your PC

There are a number of superscript symbols available in Windows, in fact too many for them to have dedicated buttons on the keyboard. To summon them, you can use the ‘character code’ given to each individual symbol.

For this technique to work, you will need to have a numeric keypad on your keyboard. Desktop models are usually equipped with these (the numeric rectangle on the right side of the keyboard) and it’s also often a feature on 15.6″ laptops.

how to get degree symbol on keyboard

Sadly, smaller laptops have omitted the numeric keypad due to lack of space, so you’ll need to move on to the next section if you own one of these models.

To insert the degree symbol, hold down the ALT key and hold it while you type 0176. Release the ALT key and you should see the symbol appear. In some cases, you may need to press the Num Lock key (so that its light is on) for this technique to work.

Using the Icon Menu in Microsoft Word

If you have Microsoft Word, LibreOffice or any good word processor on your PC then you should be able to use the Special Characters or Symbols menu to insert the degree symbol.

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On Word, select Insert at the top of the ribbon and you’ll see Icon section that appears at the far right of the screen. Click here and you will see a collection of your most recently used symbols.

how to get degree symbol on keyboard

At the bottom you will see Other icons right to buy. Click this and Word will open a grid full of different symbols you can use. Find the degree icon and click it to highlight the selection.

how to get degree symbol on keyboard

Right up Auto Correct at the bottom of the box you’ll see a description of the symbol you’ve selected – in this case it’ll say Degree Mark. If all is, then click Insert and you should see a degree icon appear in your document.

how to get degree symbol on keyboard

Now, when you open Icon The degree icon will be in the recently used section that appears, saving you from having to search again.

Another frequently requested symbol is the one for square meters, so read How to get square meter symbols on our keyboard guide if you’re looking to add them to your work.

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