How to Get the Best Amazon Warehouse Deals

For years, Amazon has been selling some of its most popular products for less than their asking price — sometimes less — and you may never even realize it. Welcome to the wonderful world of Amazon Warehouse, where the giant corporation discounts (barely) used and stocked products at discounted prices.

What is Amazon Warehouse?

Amazon Warehouse is a subsite where a company that sells goods that a customer has returned for one reason or another, offers shoppers a discounted price. In other cases, the stock could be items that were damaged in stock or lost (but later rediscovered) by Amazon employees.

That may not sound appealing at first if you’re not used to buying used products, but keep in mind that in a very large number of cases these returns won’t actually be used – they’ll never be used again. will be products that people have tried once, decided not to. wanted, and returned it almost immediately. You can buy something almost new or simply have damaged packaging for less, which is not a bad thing.

The Warehouse range includes products across most Amazon categories, so it’s perfect for your next big tech purchase or just to stock up on your kitchen cabinets or buy some new clothes.

Amazon is also good at detailing the condition of each product, with broad ratings like ‘Acceptable’, ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ or ‘Like New’, along with a description. describe in more detail any specific product-specific defects or imperfections. Each product has also been tested by Amazon employees, so you can be assured it will have at least basic functionality.

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Of course, prices also vary by condition, so for a given product you can find many Amazon Warehouse deals with different prices depending on the condition of each product.

How to find deals on Amazon Warehouse?

There are several ways to access and order the best Amazon Warehouse deals. The first is simply to visit Amazon’s dedicated Warehouse Deals section, where you can browse by product category and search for anything you want.

You should also keep an eye out for seasonal deals like Prime Day, where you can find bigger discounts on certain product categories or even extra discounts across the entire Warehouse website.

You can also select ‘Amazon Warehouse Deals’ from the departments listed in the drop-down menu when searching for deals:

Where to find Amazon Warehouse deals

Another way to find an offer is to simply browse Amazon normally and look for the link to buy a used version:

Where to get Amazon Warehouse deals

When you click, Amazon will list all the used instances at various prices, so you can choose the one you want.

BILLIONake note though: Not all of them will be part of the Amazon Warehouse, as some will just be used products sold by other retailers through Amazon. To see if it’s from Amazon Warehouse, check the “Sold By” details.

Warehouse seller on Amazon

Others will hopefully work as well and save you money, but you won’t get the same guarantees as the official Amazon Warehouse program.

Remember that because offer availability is determined by which products are returned to Amazon, Warehouse stocks can change quickly – this is worth checking often and ordering quickly if you notice a good deal.

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How do I find Amazon Warehouse in the Amazon app?

On the Amazon App, click the hamburger menu at the top left. Next, select ‘Shop by department’ and scroll until you find ‘Amazon Warehouse Deals’.

Amazon Amazon App Store

Do Amazon Warehouse deals come with warranties? What is the return policy?

Perhaps the best part of using Amazon Warehouse is that it still follows Amazon’s usual customer service and returns policy. That means if you’re unsatisfied with a product for any reason – whether it’s damaged more than you expected or it’s simply not quite what you wanted – you have 30 days to return the product for a full refund.

Amazon Warehouse products also come with a 1-year warranty. If the item you purchased through Warehouse is defective after the return period, you may have it repaired and possibly replaced. See Amazon’s Warranty Repair policy for more details.

Because every Warehouse product is also covered by Amazon, they’re all eligible for next-day shipping with Amazon Prime, which is always a nice touch. Check out our guide to Amazon Prime for more of the benefits it gives you access to.

What does ‘Used – Like New’ mean in Amazon Warehouse?

Amazon Warehouse has an entire assortment to determine the condition of a product.

Sitting at the top are the dishes listed as ‘Renewal’. These are refurbished devices that have been thoroughly tested and repaired to work and look like new.

The company defines ‘Like New’ products as those that are in perfect working condition but may lack a protective coating. However, all original packaging must be intact.

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‘Used – Very Good’ refers to items that have been used slightly but are still in good working condition. There may be some marks or scratches on the surface and the packaging may be damaged. Some accessories may also be missing, but Amazon Warehouse will note any missing accessories.

Is Amazon Warehouse legit?

Products sold on Amazon Warehouse are tested by Amazon, although sometimes what qualifies as ‘Very Good’ to the company’s testers, may just seem ‘Good’ to you. However, you can find relief in the 30-day return policy if you run into any problems.

And as mentioned, make sure when you buy a product that the seller is actually ‘Amazon Warehouse Deals’ and not someone else on the Amazon marketplace.

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