How to Get Free Delivery on Amazon (Without Prime)

Amazon sometimes offers free shipping as part of a special deal to all of its customers, but when that deal doesn’t apply, how can you get Amazon free shipping?

The first and most obvious way to get free shipping on every Amazon purchase is to sign up for a free trial on Amazon Prime. You get free next-day shipping on items as well as a host of other perks. That trial is valid for 30 days, and as long as you remember to cancel before it ends, you’ll never have to pay a dime. It also comes in handy for Amazon Prime Day, which runs from June 21-22 this year (see the best Prime Day deals here).

You may think you’ve used your free trial, but if it’s been more than 12 months since your previous trial, you can sign up again.

You can also sign up with another email address and payment details, or use someone else’s Prime account to purchase items. If there’s a full-time learner in the family, Prime Student offers a 6-month free trial and half the price of a full membership.

But there’s also a way to get free shipping at Amazon Prime without using Prime, as we’ll cover below.

How to Get Free Amazon Shipping Without Prime

It’s incredibly frustrating when you’ve searched so many places to find the best deal on the web, but the shipping charges push you beyond what you want or can afford to spend.

Eligibility for free standard shipping (arrival in 3-5 business days) on Amazon requires you to spend a minimum of £20 / $25 on merchandise or purchase of qualifying books worth at least £10 So you can spend £16 / $20 on merchandise and extract up to £4.99 / $5 on delivery, your total cost is £20 / $25 or you can spend £20/$25 on merchandise and get free shipping, you still have to pay a £20/$25 fee.

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We prefer the latter. But to get to the £25/$25 figure, what you need is an ‘extra item’ – something that costs a few pounds and will come in handy. While you still have to pay £20/$25 total, you’ll get the merchandise’s value in return. And you can always sell or give away items you don’t want.

The only hitch here is finding the items that will keep your cart total to a minimum – and more specifically, items at the right price and also compatible with Free Shipping. There are a number of services that can help.

How to find extra items

We like the FillerChecker (US version here), which searches Amazon UK for items with a specific price point. You can narrow your search by category, such as Beauty, to help you find something you might actually want to use.

Browse to the website, then enter how much you need to spend to fill your cart as £20. In our case, that’s £2.01.

Now select a category from the drop-down menu or set it to All Products. We have selected Office products.

Amazon Filler Checker

Click Find it! to start your search.

FillerChecker will search Amazon’s entire UK store for items that are as close to that amount as possible, then return a list of results sorted by price from low to high.

Amazon Filler Checker

We found a metallic silver Sharpie for £2.98.

There are many other services that do the same thing if you don’t like FillerChecker. Another is the Super Saver Delivery Tool, which is the best option we’ve found in the US. However, that’s much more restrictive and doesn’t allow you to specify the category.

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