How to Get a Refund on Nintendo Switch Games

Getting the hype train moving is a big part of any game release, and Switch titles aren’t immune. Titles are often introduced months, or even years before release, with pre-orders available from both Nintendo’s eShop and retailers like Amazon, GAME, and others ahead of release. .

The problem with pre-ordering a game is that you may not actually want it once the game has been fully revealed. What should you do in this situation? Can you claim refunds for Nintendo Switch games?

Answer? Yes and no, it depends where you bought the Switch game. Read on to learn more.

Get cashback on physical Nintendo Switch games

If you’ve picked up a physical copy of a Nintendo Switch game you want to return, you’re largely at the mercy of the retailer you bought it from. Some may allow you to return opened games, but most will only refund Switch games if they are returned in unopened packaging along with a sales receipt. Your best bet is to contact the retailer for specific return policy information and start there.

That’s fine for unwanted Christmas presents, but it sucks if you’ve been playing the game for 30 minutes and now decide you hate it. While that may seem like a less than ideal situation for gamers, it pales in comparison to Nintendo’s eShop refund policy.

Get cashback on digital Nintendo Switch games

If you’re looking for a refund for a game or piece of DLC purchased through the Nintendo eShop, we have bad news; it simply cannot be done in any way. While Nintendo does not explicitly implement a no-refund policy at any point in the eShop purchase process, it is a policy that Nintendo has adopted with eShop purchases since the early days of Nintendo. Nintendo DSi.

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The no-refund policy also applies to random purchases, such as unused DLC for games you don’t own, to the chagrin of some gamers.

While this will probably be disappointing for gamers, it makes sense some levels. Companies like Steam and Microsoft have long had problems with gamers abusing the return system, with people demanding refunds for a variety of reasons — and not all of them legitimate.

This protects Nintendo and the developers from that kind of abuse, but also risks disappointing longtime fans who have legitimate refund requests for whatever reason.

In essence, you should forgo the convenience of an eShop and buy physical copies of Switch games because then you have the least chance of getting a refund from the retailer, as opposed to a chance of getting a refund. from eShop.

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