How to get a new PokéStop in Pokémon GO in the UK & US

If you’re a Level 40 Trainer in Pokémon GO, you’ll find a new option in the settings: NEW POKÉSTOP. This allows you to nominate a position that will be vetted by the community. If accepted, it can turn into a Gym or PokéStop in the game.

It’s been over a year since the feature was first introduced in countries including Brazil and South Korea. But now Trainers who have reached Level 40 (but not subaccounts, as far as we know) can make 7 requests to get started.

How to Claim a PokéStop or Gym in Pokémon GO

Note: You must be present at the venue to make the nomination, as the process includes taking a good photo of the place of interest.

Launch the game and tap the Pokéball icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the settings icon at the top and scroll down. You will see a New PokéStops button.

How to Send New PokéStops in Pokémon Go

Click the button when you are in the location you want to send and you will be guided through the process as follows

  1. Move the map so the marker is exactly where the object or location is and press Confirm.
  2. Take a photo of the object.
  3. Take pictures of the surrounding area for background.
  4. Add title for PokéStop
  5. Enter a brief, detailed description, official name, or educational value of the place.

You can then preview your nomination and then tap Confirm when you are satisfied with everything.

How to Send New PokéStops in Pokémon Go

The final stage is to enter additional information that explains why your assigned position is important, what Trainers can expect to see there, and generally helps the evaluator decide whether to accept it. accept or decline the request. Don’t miss this: perhaps this is your best chance to convince reviewers that your claim is worthwhile.

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How to submit a valid PokéStop nomination

Here are some guidelines for good – and bad – submissions:

A good nomination would be:

  • An interesting place of cultural or educational value
  • Public Park
  • An interesting piece of architecture, statues, murals, works of art
  • Public Library
  • Public places of worship
  • Train or bus station, or airport

The public does not necessarily have free access to the location. It may be located within an attraction that charges an entrance fee and/or closes at certain times of the day.

The following nominations are not eligible:

  • An interesting object in your own home or other private residence
  • School or location where children are cared for (kindergarten, playgroup, etc.)
  • Anywhere without easy public access
  • Temporary object or structure
  • Tombstone (unless it’s a celebrity)
  • A point of interest that could interfere with the operation of a hospital, fire station or police
  • General natural features such as mountains, landscapes, etc.
  • More than 18 locations such as unlicensed, shooting range, etc

You can read the full details of what makes a high-quality PokéStop here.

Tips for getting your PokéStop nomination approved

All submissions are reviewed by volunteers using the Niantic Wayfarer. It’s a community-sourced system for all of Niantic’s games including Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Ingress, and Pokémon GO.

You can help your submission stand out by not only following the rules above, but also by using the following tips to get your nomination approved:

Take a great photo: It should be sharp and clearly show the location or object. When you take the second photo, make sure it shows the location in context. That means standing a lot further back, but still keeping the point of interest clear in the photo. Make sure that no one is in the photo or that no one can be recognized if you can’t avoid it.

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Write your own descriptive title which one is correct. This will usually be the name of the place, such as “Double Pine Park”.

Do not leave the description blank. Take the time to explain what the location or object is.

The additional information you enter at the end of the process is only for reviewers and should give them more context to help them decide how to rate your submission – it gets one to five stars.

Finally, note that you cannot claim that place to be a Gym. It is an automatic assignment based on some undisclosed factors.

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