How To Get A Discount On HBO Max 2021: Get 50% Off Promo

HBO Max has now been released in the US, bringing with it around 10,000 hours worth of TV shows and movies to suit everyone. There are popular classics like all ten seasons of Friends and the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, as well as exciting new exclusives in the future, such as all of the new 2021 series by Warner Bros.

HBO Max is currently $14.99 per month on a rolling contract at the time of writing. However, there are some deals and discounts available to save on old wallet cords. Keep reading if you want to learn more.

Get 50% off HBO Max for 6 months

HBO Max’s September 2021 promotion cuts the monthly fee of the ad-free version to $7.49 for the first six months, making it cheaper than the version with ads (9, $99/month).

Offer is open to new and returning customers in the US and can be redeemed directly from HBO Max or through other platforms such as Apple, Google, Roku, LG, Microsoft, Sony, and Vizio.

With HBO Max no longer available on Amazon’s Main Video Channels as of September 15, there’s no question for those looking to return to the service (but at half the cost!)

Deal ends September 26 – get it before it ends.

Get free HBO Max through AT&T or your cable provider

There’s no better discount than getting HBO Max for free, and if you’re an AT&T customer you can do just that. AT&T offers free HBO Max for certain accounts – you can check if you qualify for this in the table below:

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How to get discount on HBO Max

If your account is ‘different’ from AT&T, you may still be eligible for a free trial, which will still save you some money. The length of this will depend on the type of account you have, which you can check on AT&T’s website.

But it’s not just HBO cable subscribers who are eligible for free HBO Max. Selected third-party providers are also eligible – here’s a list of those that can give you HBO Max for free:

  • Charter’s Spectrum
  • Apple
  • Hulu
  • YouTube TV
  • Altice (Optimal Linking and Sudden Linking)
  • Verizon
  • Cox Communications
  • NCTC (WOW!, Atlantic Broadband, RCN, Grande Communications & Wave and MCTV)

The sign-up process will vary depending on your account, so check with your provider for more details.

Switch from HBO Now to HBO Max for free

Another freebie for existing HBO Now subscribers. You’ll also be able to upgrade to HBO Max without any additional fees. However, this deal only applies to those billed directly by HBO. If you subscribe to HBO Now through Amazon Prime Video or Roku, you won’t be able to upgrade at this time.

If you want to know if you should switch to HBO Max, then check out our comparison of HBO Max, HBO Now, and HBO Go. If you’re watching from the UK (or anywhere else outside the US for that matter), you can watch both of these streaming services with the help of a VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN – look for directions More detailed instructions can be found in our guide to watching HBO Max in the UK.

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Sign up for a cheaper ad-supported subscription

If a $14.99 subscription sounds like a lot, you’ll be happy to know that a cheaper, ad-supported version of HBO Max is now available.

The HBO Max with Ads subscription is $9.99 per month and is the first time HBO has delivered ads to its customers, though it promises to have “the lightest ad load in the streaming industry.” “.

The ad-supported subscription, however, has another big downside: it won’t include same-day theater releases like Dune, The Suicide Squad, and The Matrix 4. You can also only stream quality streaming. images up to 1080p, while a full subscription includes 4K Content.

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