How to flip a selfie photo in Android: Un-mirror Your Pictures

Most phones save photos taken with the front camera exactly as they appear in the preview. But this means they are not really true to life. Raise your right hand and take a selfie, then view it in your camera roll. Most likely it will appear on the right, which will be your left hand. In many cases this is fine, as there is no actual indication that the picture has flipped, but it will change when there are words and other narrative cues in the scene.

So how can you prevent this from happening or fix things after it actually happened? We show you how to flip selfies on your Android phone.

Why is my photo upside down?

When you hold up your phone to take a selfie, the image you see is like looking in a mirror, that’s why they are often called ‘fake’. While the camera lens sees you in the same way that people are looking at you in real life, it is wise to realize that being presented with an unnatural view of yourself can leave you a bit confused. confusion: after all, it is impossible to see yourself in that direction unless you have an out-of-body experience. So the image is inverted, creating a mirror effect and alleviating the need for transcendental meditation.

how to flip selfies in android

How to prevent the phone from flipping photos?

Obviously, the easiest solution is to prevent files from being saved in the flip orientation in the first place. Many Android phones offer this capability, but it is often hidden in Setting menu. Some phones even give you the choice of whether to save flipped selfies when you take them for the first time.

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But suppose you chose ‘clone’ and now regret it, open Camera application and search Setting. Sometimes this is the classic gear icon, but it can be three dots, while some phones have Setting right to buy. Tap any you find on your device.

Now scroll through the options until you find one along the lines Mirror image or Pictures as previewed. We found the former on the OnePlus 7 Pro but the latter on the Samsung Galaxy S9. Those with a Google Pixel or any Android One model using a pure Android version (or rather Google’s preferred layout) will find the option as Mirror image for front camera. In any case, turn off the settings and the selfies will be saved in the correct way from now on.

how to flip selfie in android

Keep in mind that the selfie camera will still appear to flip the image for a preview before you take it, but the saved version will be in the correct orientation. Also, this only applies to photos taken after you’ve changed the settings, since all previous photos have been saved.

how to flip selfie in android

How to flip photos on Android?

If you want to change the mirror image to normal view, it’s not difficult. You probably won’t be able to do that with your device’s built-in photo viewer, but this can be easily remedied by downloading Google’s free Snapseed app.

Launch it and open the photo you want to edit. Touch Tools at the bottom of the screen, then select Turn from the menu that appears.

how to flip selfie on android

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an icon with two arrows pointing at each other, with a dotted line between them. Click this and you’ll see your image flipped back to its normal orientation. Tap the checkmark icon in the bottom right corner to save the changes and you’re done.

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