How to Fix an Error When Playing AVI Files in Windows

Windows Media Player will play AVI files by default. The emphasis here is on the word ‘should’ because it sometimes flatly refuses and gives an error. This can be fixed by updating it to the latest version or installing a third-party codec pack, which we will explain later.

But first, the quickest and simplest fix is ​​to install the free VLC media player that will play almost any type of video file. If you don’t mind using Windows Media Player, installing VLC is a good idea as it doesn’t require installing a separate codec: it comes with everything you need to play AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, MPEG-2 and more, and can also stream video from the web.

AVI files won’t play in Windows 10

In Windows 10, AVI files open with the Movies & TV app, not Windows Media Player. This does not support AVI files and you will see the error below if you try to play one.

However, Windows Media Player is still present in Windows 10 and you can search for it in the Start menu. Just drag and drop your AVI file onto the Windows Media Player title bar (or any area where you don’t see a circle with a line through) and it will open and play.

Even so, you should still install VLC in case you need to play other types of videos that Windows Media Player and the Movies & TV app won’t open.

How to play AVI files in Windows 10

There are two fairly common reasons why AVI videos stop playing in Windows Media Player (WMP). The first is that AVI files are no longer associated with the application.

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To fix this, open WMP and press Alt to bring up the menu. From the Tools menu, select Options…

In the window that opens, click the File Types tab (note that this does not exist in WMP 12, only in earlier versions). Check if the Windows video file (.avi) is marked, and if not, check it and click OK.

Play AVI files on Windows

Another thing to try is updating to the latest version of WMP. In WMP, press Alt to bring up the menu if you can’t see it and select Help, Check for updates… and follow the on-screen instructions.

Windows Media Player checks for updates

If this still doesn’t fix the problem, you can try installing the K-Lite Codec package, which includes all the popular video codecs to play a variety of video formats. Download the Basic package from

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