How to Fix Alexa When She Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Alexa is Amazon’s digital assistant.

For the most part, Amazon Echo speakers and smart displays don’t have problems – if you discount all the times Alexa answers your question with “Hmm. I do not know that. “

If she refuses to answer anything, check to see if the Alexa service itself is down. Your commands are not processed on the Echo itself (in most cases) but using Amazon’s servers. If they don’t work, Alexa can’t work.

On the other hand, if Alexa complains that she can’t connect to Wi-Fi, here’s what to do to try and fix the situation.

5 Ways to Connect Alexa to Wi-Fi

first. First, test another device – ideally your phone – to see if it has an Internet connection. Make sure to turn off mobile data to force it to use Wi-Fi, then open a web browser and check if you can load web pages.

This will tell you if it’s your Echo or your router. If you can open web pages, that’s the Echo, not some other problem with your home Wi-Fi network.

The next step depends on what you just discovered.

2. If your Wi-Fi network seems to be working fine, it’s time to restart the Echo. So unplug it from the power source and plug it back in after a few seconds. Wait until it boots up and check if Alexa is working now.

3. If you find your phone can’t open any web pages, try restarting your router. If it doesn’t have a reset button, do the same as for the Echo: unplug it from the power source and then plug it back in.

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Again, wait for it to boot up and take a few minutes to re-establish the internet connection.

If you have other devices such as a powerline network adapter with Wi-Fi, a Wi-Fi extender, or a mesh Wi-Fi system, be sure to do the same with all of them to make sure make sure everything is shut down and restarted.

Turning the old off and back on is the top fix for all technology problems. But if that doesn’t work, read on.

4. Reset your Echo’s Wi-Fi settings. We have a separate guide that explains how to connect Alexa to another Wi-Fi network, but the gist of it is to hold the dotted button on your Echo. Keep holding it until you see an orange light ring.

This means it’s in setup mode, and you can use the Alexa app to quickly re-run the setup process and reselect your Wi-Fi network. This can solve weird problems that keep Alexa from having an internet connection, even if no one changes the Wi-Fi password, but it’s also a fix when it happens.

If you have an Echo Show, it won’t have this button, but you can swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up the settings gear. Tap that and go to Wi-Fi settings and select your network.

5. Another possible problem is that you’ve moved your Echo too far from the router and the Wi-Fi signal is too weak or non-existent in that location. Try plugging your device in the same room as your router or any device that provides Wi-Fi in your home and see if that fixes the problem.

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6. It’s very unlikely that the hardware inside the Echo has failed, but it can happen. If there are no other suggestions to get Alexa connected to the Internet, go to Amazon’s website and sign in.

How to Fix Alexa Can't Connect to Wi-Fi

Click the three horizontal lines in the top left, then scroll down until you see Help & Settings. Click the Customer Service link and follow the instructions. And if you need a replacement, here are the best Echo speakers and displays to buy.

You may also want to know what the different colors on the Alexa light ring mean.

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