How To Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Keeping track of your Instagram followers can be an impossible task. Of course, you can manually track who unfollows you every day, but that requires knowing who all your followers are and taking the time to sift through your account to see if are they still there?

If you only have a handful of followers it can be achieved, but otherwise you’ll find it much easier and more reliable to use a third-party app. We show you how to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram.

You can also read more about Twitter’s upcoming feature, Super Follows.

How to use third party Instagram followers app

Why do all the work when you can have an app do it for you? A look at the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store reveals a ton of different options that not only tell you who unfollowed your Instagram account, but in many cases you’ll have access to analytics. trends and other interesting data.

Many of these more advanced features will usually require a subscription to the Pro version of the app, but unfollow is usually included for free.

Some of the best rated apps we’ve seen include:

It’s also worth noting that Instagram seems to regularly change how third-party apps can access its API, which means features may break when Instagram is updated. Most apps are patched quickly, but keep in mind that sometimes you may find that a previously perfectly functioning app may suddenly lose its ability to track who unfollowed you.

To set up the app, go to the relevant app store and download it to your device, then launch the app and sign in to your Instagram account. We’ve noticed that some apps had issues using your Facebook account to sign in, so if you’re having that problem, use your regular Instagram account details.

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For this guide, we used Report: Follower Tracker which breaks things down into two separate options Unfollowers and The follower is gone. The first section shows people you follow who don’t follow you back, while the second only shows people who have unfollowed your account since the last time you refreshed the settings. As simple as that.

How to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram

So if you check back often, you’ll be able to see who’s lost interest or is doing the wrong thing and follows you, waits for you to follow them back, and then unfollows you right away.

You will face ads, some of which can be quite annoying, but if you really want to see the stats related to your account, there are paid versions that bring Additional features and no ads. However, for most people, degrees of freedom provide enough benefits to offset rampant capitalism.

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