How to find out if your phone has been hacked

Smartphones get hacked for any reason; obtain sensitive files, emails, pictures and videos, spy on users and even a means of extortion.

There are a number of ways phones can be hacked and a variety of programs make mobile spying even easier. So how do you know if your phone has been compromised and what can you do to prevent it?

How to detect signs of hacking

The evidence that a smartphone can be tracked, monitored, or eavesdropped in some way is often well-hidden. However, despite the advances in spyware these days, there are still steps you can take that can help diagnose the presence of a virus or evidence of a hack on your phone.

Sudden decrease in battery life

When the phone is touched, it records the selected activities and passes them on to a third party. Furthermore, even in standby mode, your phone can be used as a listening device to record nearby conversations. These processes lead to increased power consumption, which means that your phone’s battery drains significantly faster than usual.

If possible, see how your battery life compares to people using the same phone model or better, if you have a phone with a removable battery, try inserting it in another device with the same model. model/type and see if the longevity is different. If you notice a recognizable difference, it’s possible that your device is buggy or exploited.

Battery heat build-up

If your phone feels warm even though you’re not using it much, (or it’s been left in the sun – don’t do that) this could be a sign of background or data transfer. going on without your knowledge. A significant increase in battery temperature as a result of such actions can be used to indicate such behavior.

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Operation without input

When not in use, your phone should be completely silent (save incoming calls, notifications, and alarms you’ve set). If your phone makes unexpected noises, the screen suddenly lights up, or restarts for no reason, someone might be controlling your device remotely.

Unusual text messages

Spyware can send secret and/or encrypted text messages to your smartphone. If such shows do not work as intended by the creators, it is likely that you will detect such messages. Texts like these will likely include meaningless combinations of numbers, symbols, and characters. If this happens frequently, your phone may be affected by some form of mobile spyware.

Increase data consumption

Less sophisticated spyware programs can cause data consumption to skyrocket, as they move information away from your device. Accordingly, you should notice if your monthly data usage spikes for unknown reasons. However, good spyware programs require very little data or can spread packet usage out, making them harder to identify in this way.

Noise when making a phone call

If you hear clattering, unusual background noise, distant voice, or intermittent transmission during a call, someone may be eavesdropping. Since phone signals are transmitted digitally these days, such unusual noises are less likely to be attributed to ‘bad signal’, especially if you know that you usually have a strong connection in the area you are making a call.

Shutdown takes a long time

Before turning off your phone, all running processes must end. If data is being transferred from your smartphone to a third party, these illegal actions must also be completed before your device can turn off.

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If turning off your phone takes longer than usual, especially after a call, after sending an email or text message, or after surfing the Internet, this could mean that the information has just been passed on to someone. .

How to Identify Spyware on Android or iOS

With Android devices, spyware programs can often be identified by the presence of certain files or folders on your phone. It sounds obvious, but if the filename contains terms like “spy,” “surveillance,” or “stealth,” this could be a sign that spyware is (or was) present.

If you actually find evidence of such files, you should have your device checked by a professional. Simply deleting or deleting these files without knowing exactly what they are or how to safely delete them is not recommended.

With regards to the iPhone, it’s a lot harder to find files that aren’t saved in the device’s folder. Thankfully, there are other ways to remove spyware from iPhone; like making sure both your app and iOS itself are up to date.

You can check for app updates on the App Store and check if your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS by going to Settings > General > Software Update’. Performing these actions will delete any unwanted files or configurations on your device. Before you do, back up all important data stored on your phone.

If nothing else is working and you are sure that your Android or iOS device has been compromised, you can always do a factory reset – provided that all your important data, including photos, contacts, and files that have been backed up previously.

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How to reduce the risk of being attacked

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to set up some sort of screen lock (even a simple PIN or six-digit password is better than nothing) to prevent future unauthorized access to your device.

For Android devices, there are even apps, such as App Notifier, that notify you by email when a program is installed on your phone and alert you when someone wants to do it. unwanted activities on your device.

Today, there are also countless security apps from reputable developers that offer phones (and the data stored on them) effective protection against hackers.

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