How to draw or write on a PDF

Whether you’re using an iPad or another tablet, Windows PC or Mac, here are free, simple ways for you or your kids to write or draw on PDFs.

Regular PDF readers don’t make it easy to draw or write freely on documents. Many – including Adobe’s Acrobat Reader – make it easy to highlight text or add your signature. Others let you edit the document layout, often for a price. But sometimes all you want, for example, is to modify some of the plans you’ve been sent to – or your child wants to write using the crossword you downloaded from Twinkl – and if you don’t own a in, apps that don’t give you the tools you need.

Instead, here are the easiest ways to turn your PDFs into a form that you or your child can draw or write on. A lot of them are based on the same basic principle – you turn a PDF document into one or more images that you can then draw or write on in an art application. We’ve picked out workflows using completely free apps – but if you have a fancy software like Photoshop or a mobile app like Procreate, you can easily use it as well. use them.

We’ll start with the iPad method before moving on to other tablets, Macs, and Windows PCs.

Draw or write on PDF on iPad

The first step is to convert your PDF into an image or a series of images. If your PDF has one page, the simplest way to do this is just to take a screenshot of that page. To do this, simply press the top button and the home button – if your iPad has one – or the Volume Up button if not (like on the latest iPad Pro).

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If your PDF has multiple pages, it may be easier to view each page in turn and take a screenshot. Or, if possible, use one of the Mac or PC workflows below, then send the file to iPad. You can use a site like to convert your PDFs to JPGs, but you’ll eventually have to download each JPG by hand or download a ZIP file – and using a ZIP file on iOS is a no-brainer. very difficult because you can’t point. unzip all files in one go.

After you have your image, you will need an art app. We recommend Autodesk Sketchbook because it’s free, has a great set of tools, and – equally important – is easy for both adults and kids to use if you just want to add notes to documents or other documents. letters or numbers to the worksheet. And if you want to be more artistic, Sketch has a great set of artistic tools as you would expect from an app made by a company, others are used to create visual effects for most projects. major Hollywood blockbusters.

Draw or write on a PDF on a tablet

The easiest workflow here is the same as on the iPad: sift through each page – although exactly how you do this varies between tablets. Then use the free Autodesk Sketchbook app for Android to draw or write on the images you’ve created.

If you’re using an Amazon Fire tablet, you’ll need to use a different app because Autodesk doesn’t have a version of Sketch for that platform. Instead, an app like ArtFlow should be good enough for your needs.

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Draw or write on PDF on Mac or PC

The simplest way to achieve what you want if you’re on a Mac or PC is to use Adobe Photoshop – as you can open PDFs directly in that application, choose which pages you want, or open them all as different layers or materials. However, Photoshop costs £10 / US$10 per month after a 30-day trial – this subscription also gets you Photoshop for iPad, but this can’t open PDFs.

Instead, as with iPads and tablets, a small screen may be the best way for you to create images that you can draw in an art app.

If you have a PDF file with multiple pages, will let you convert this to multiple JPGs for free. However, we don’t know anything about the people behind it – so it’s probably safest not to use it for legal documents you want to annotate.

Once you have the pictures drawn on your screen, you’ll need an art app to write or draw. Again, the free Autodesk Sketchbook app is your friend here as there are Mac and Windows versions of the app.

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