How to Download PS4 and PS5 Games Remotely

With new games arriving every month as part of PlayStation Plus and a packed game release schedule, there’s always something new to play on PS4 and PS5. The question is, how do you download those games while out so you can play them as soon as you get home? After all, no one likes to wait for big AAA games to download.

The good news is that it’s possible – and easy – to remotely download games to your PS4 and PS5 using the PlayStation App for iOS and Android. Here’s how to do it.

How to remotely download PS4 and PS5 games to your console

It’s easy to remotely download titles to your PS4 or PS5 using the PlayStation App for iOS and Android – just make sure your console has an internet connection and is in sleep mode, rather than off. source completely.

  1. Download the PlayStation App for iOS or Android and follow the setup process to link it to your console.
  2. In the PlayStation App, open the Game Library tab.
  3. Click Purchased.
  4. Browse for the game or app you want to install on your console and tap it.
  5. Click Download panel to start the download process. If you want to switch to a different panel than the one you selected, tap your console name and select the panel you want to use instead.
  6. You will receive a notification on your smartphone once the game has been installed.

Download time will depend on the size of the game and your internet connection. It’s also important to note that you can also download games and apps to your console when you first purchase them through the PlayStation app – just tap Download console after your purchase. has been completed.

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How to remotely delete archived games on PS5

What if you install a game and realize you don’t have enough memory? It’s an issue PS5 users regularly encounter, thanks to the relatively small 667GB of usable storage available on the console. The good news is that you can use the PlayStation App to not only install new games, but also uninstall old ones – a godsend for PlayStation gamers.

The bad news, though, is that this functionality isn’t available for PS4 players – if your PS4 console is full, you’ll have to wait until you’re home to free up some space.

If you have Sony’s next-gen PS5, here’s how to remotely delete archived games:

  1. Open the PlayStation App for iOS and Android.
  2. Click the Play tab.
  3. Tap the Gear icon at the top right to access the Settings menu.
  4. Your console’s current storage will be displayed at the top of the page – tap it to see all currently installed apps and games.
  5. Tap the circle next to any game or app you want to remove from your dashboard. You’re not limited to how many you can delete at once, so choose as many as you like.
  6. Tap Delete game.
  7. Tap Delete to confirm your selection.

The apps and games you selected will then be removed from your PS5, freeing up valuable space to install the latest PS5 games from your smartphone.

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