How To Download HBO Max TV & Movies To Watch Offline

Have an HBO Max account, but need to watch shows and movies without internet? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know to download content from the HBO Max platform to your device.

If you haven’t subscribed to HBO Max, the account costs $14.99 per month. On it, you can watch all 10 seasons of Friends, Game of Thrones, and Warner Bros. blockbusters. like Wonder Woman 1984, Dune and The Matrix 4. You can sign up on the HBO Max website.

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Use the HBO Max app to download shows and movies

The simplest and easiest way to watch movies and TV shows from HBO Max offline is through the HBO Max app, which you can download on mobile devices and tablets (learn how to get HBO Max on your device here).

Here are the steps you need to take to download the content:

  • Open the HBO Max app on your phone or tablet and sign in
  • Make sure you are connected to WiFi
  • Select the episode or movie you want to download, most are available on HBO Max but the ones or movies don’t have the ‘download’ button option
  • Tap ‘download’, the download percentage will let you know the progress and you can pause this at any time
  • To cancel the download, tap the ‘X’ button

How to download on HBO Max

You can find all of your downloads in the ‘My Downloads’ section of the app, below your profile. Your account can have a total of 30 downloads across all configurations and devices. If you’re running out of space, you’ll need to delete some downloads from one of your devices. To see which mobile devices are signed into your account, go to your profile and select ‘Device Management’.

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If you do not view a download within 30 days of it being downloaded or within 48 hours of when you first started viewing it, the download will be automatically removed from your device. However, you can always download it again.

You’ll see everything your account has downloaded, regardless of which profile is logged in. Rest assured though that children’s profiles will be locked from viewing any content restricted by parental controls. Your account can have up to five copies of the same episode or movie across all profiles and devices.

Downloads are locked to Wi-Fi and automatically download in the highest possible quality. If your internet is slow, you can sacrifice quality for speed by clicking on your settings in the profile section. Tap ‘Video settings’ and select ‘Fastest download’ to use this option.

If you need to download over mobile, you can also unlock this option in ‘Video settings’ under your settings in profile. You can also choose to set up automatic alerts yourself that this will use a lot of data, in case you need reminders in the future.

How to watch HBO Max offline on your TV

Downloads are not available in the HBO Max TV app. Mirroring content from a mobile device to a TV is not supported by HBO Max’s T&C.

How to watch offline on your computer or laptop

Content from HBO Max cannot be downloaded to your PC or laptop through a web browser like it is with apps. It is not illegal to use screen recording software to achieve the same purpose, as long as the recordings are not shared, but doing so violates the terms and conditions of HBO Max. and so we don’t recommend it.

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If you have a Chromebook, you can get the HBO Max Android app and download content using the first method.

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