How to Delete Apps on Android: Uninstall Any App

Modern Android phones and tablets have more storage than ever before, which makes it so easy to upload them with apps and never have to worry too much about deleting them.

Hold it for too long and you will eventually run out of storage space. And besides, some apps will continue to run in the background and take up your system resources even if you rarely open them, so it’s a good idea to trim down the collection and remove some from time to time. use from your device.

There’s another reason you might want to remove apps from your Android device: bloatware. Some phone manufacturers offer devices loaded with their own email, messaging, and calendar apps, not to mention the third-party apps and games they include by default.

Many of these you will be able to uninstall – though keep in mind that some system apps cannot be removed. Don’t worry, though, we’ll also show you how to disable them, and in some cases, you can also hide them, so you can forget about them even while there.

If your priority is to reclaim space, deleting apps is a great way to start, but for more tips check out our complete guide to freeing up space and getting more storage. on Android. If you’re trying to remove an app you’re worried about contains a virus, make sure you also read our guide to Android virus removal, as deleting the app can be just the start. head.

How to delete apps on an Android phone or tablet

Method one: Uninstall apps via Settings

Android has a lot of different versions, but this method of removing apps is guaranteed to work on any Android device. It also lets you see a complete list of all your apps throughout the process, so it’s a great approach if you’re in the clean phase of digital spring.

  • Open settings: Open the Settings app from the gear icon on the home screen, in the apps tray, or on the drop-down notification bar at the top of the screen.
  • Open the app: Scroll down to the section labeled ‘Apps’ or possibly ‘Apps and notifications’. In there, you will then have to select ‘View All Apps’, ‘Manage Applications’ or something similar to access the full list of your installed apps. Browse through the list of installed apps to find any that you don’t want to keep on your device.
  • Select an app and select ‘Uninstall’: Once you’ve found an app you no longer need, select it to go to the App Info page, then tap ‘Uninstall’.
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Remove Android apps from settings

If you don’t see an ‘Uninstall’ option, it means it’s a system app that you can’t completely remove from your phone or tablet. You also won’t be able to uninstall it using our other methods, but you can still disable or hide it.

Method two: Uninstall from home screen

If you’re trying to uninstall a specific app, it might be quicker to do it right from the home screen shortcut.

  • Select a home screen shortcut: From the home screen, touch and hold the shortcut for the app you want to uninstall, then drag it to the top of the screen
  • Drag and drop the shortcut to ‘Uninstall’: If Uninstall option appears, drop the app icon on top

Not all Android devices support this feature, but try to find out.

Remove Android apps from home screen

Note that you may see a ‘Remove’ option instead of or as well as an ‘Uninstall’ option. This will only remove the app icon from the home screen, not it. You can verify this by opening the app drawer and finding the app shortcut staring at you

Method three: Remove apps from the app drawer

If your phone or tablet doesn’t allow you to uninstall apps from your home screen, it certainly lets you do it from the app drawer – a collection of all your apps. usually accessible by swiping up from the center of the home screen.

Exactly like you just tried in method two with the home screen, touch and hold an app icon from within the app tray and drag it to the top of the screen to see if the ‘Uninstall’ option appears or not. If so, drop the app shortcut above this option to remove it from your device.

You may also see an ‘Uninstall’ option pop up right on the app icon when you long press it, which varies by Android version.

As with method one, some apps won’t offer an uninstall option here – these are system apps that unfortunately can’t be installed.

Method four: Uninstall apps via Google Play Store

The final way to uninstall apps from your Android phone or tablet is to reverse the installation process. So, open Google Play, browse to the app in question.

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Where you can see ‘Install’, you’ll see ‘Uninstall’ instead if it’s an app you can remove.

Uninstall Android apps from Google Play

This is the best way if you are uninstalling an app that has stopped working but want to reinstall it later, because you have come to the right page to do so.

How to disable or hide apps you can’t uninstall

It’s not possible to uninstall some system apps using the methods above – you simply won’t see the ‘Uninstall’ option appear no matter what you do. This is fairly common for essential apps like your phone’s camera or messaging apps, but could even extend to things like calendars and calculators.

On some phones, you may have options to reduce the impact of these apps, even if you can’t uninstall them.

First, if you follow method one then you can see ‘Off’ option. By disabling an application, you prevent it from running and using system resources, however be aware that this may damage some features of your phone. If you notice something not working properly, visit this page again and click the ‘Enable’ button to turn it back on.

Turn off Android apps

Even if you can’t completely disable the app, this screen can give you other options to reduce its traces on your phone. You can clear the application cache or data memory to save space; limit its data usage to prevent it from eating up your bandwidth; or uninstall updates to bring it back to an older (and smaller) version.

Depending on your phone’s brand, you can also hide apps from your app drawer without shutting them down – this won’t delete apps or stop them from running, but will prevent them from taking up space in your device. your app drawer.

The exact approach to this varies by manufacturer, so the easiest thing to do is to search in the Settings app for the specific tool: Hide Space on OnePlus, Hide Apps on Samsung Galaxy, PrivateSpace on Huawei and App Lock on a Xiaomi.

If your phone is from another manufacturer, it may not have the hidden apps feature or may use a different name for it.

How to remove apps from your Google Play library

Even if an app has been removed from your device, you’ll still find it in the Google Play store under the ‘Library’ tab of the ‘My Apps & Games’ section.

This doesn’t mean the app is actually installed on any of your devices – it simply means that it’s still associated with your account, which is obviously important if that’s the case. Paid apps that you may want to reinstall in the future.

Remove Android apps from Google Play library

If you know that you won’t want to use the app again and also want to clean up this library, just click the crosshairs to the right to remove any apps from your account.

How to remove application shortcuts

Sometimes an app shortcut on the home screen will misbehave and become unresponsive, and when this happens, you don’t really want to delete the app but the shortcut itself.

As mentioned above, you can do this using the same method mentioned in our second method above, but choosing ‘Remove’ instead of ‘Uninstall’.

Remove an app shortcut from the home screen by dragging it to the top of the screen and dropping it on top of the Remove option. You can then replace the shortcut by finding the app in the app drawer and tapping and holding it to copy it to the home screen.

If the app or shortcut is still causing the problem, you should uninstall and reinstall the app from the Google Play Store.

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