How to copy and paste on Android

Being able to copy and paste text is a basic computer function that dates back decades. As you’d expect, this feature is also available on your phone and tablet, but it may not be obvious how to use it.

We show you how easy it is to copy and paste anything on Android.

How to copy text on Android

If you’re on a web page, sending an email, or seeing quite a bit of text on the screen that isn’t part of the image or photo, you can copy it. If you want to quickly get a phone number, name or any other piece of text, you can easily do this. Tap and hold the text you want to copy, and you’ll see two blue markers appear. Press and hold the left icon, then drag to the top of the area you want to select. Press and hold the right and move it to the last character you want to include.

In some cases, being precise about where you press and hold will only select the word, link, or number you want to copy, so no adjustments will be needed.

How to copy and paste on Android: Copy text

When you’re satisfied you’ve highlighted all the text, scroll and tap Copy in the floating box above the text.

How to paste text on Android

Once you’ve copied some text, it stays on your clipboard. It will stay there until you are ready to insert it into another application, but note that it will be replaced if you copy something else in the meantime.

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Switch to the app where you’ll paste the text, such as Gmail or Whatsapp, then tap where you want. If it’s in the email, tap the empty area and you’ll see the floating box appear again, but this time you need to tap Paste if you want to keep the original format or use Paste as original text to insert only the words and figures you copied.

How to copy and paste on Android: Paste text

In many cases, you need to tap on the field or text box where the text should go and you will see options appear. If not, tap and hold a little longer.

How to copy and paste a link on Android

Links are handled a little differently, in that there’s a specific option you can use to copy them. Open a document or web page where the link can be found, then tap and tap the link until you see a menu appear. There are two main options:

Copy Link address will take the URL of the underlying web page and place it in your clipboard. This means that when you paste it into anything, you will see the full https://www.w appear. This is useful if you want to paste this file into your browser and navigate to the page, or share the destination with your friends via text or email.

How to copy and paste on Android: Copy link

Another option is Copy link text, will only take the words you see on the screen. This can be useful if it shows a shortened website address or has details that you might find useful to include in the document.

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In both cases, the method of pasting links is essentially the same as for text. So find where you want to send the link, touch and hold the screen until the floating options box appears, then select Paste.

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