How to block spam email on Android

At the end of last year, Google updated the Gmail app for Android and introduced ‘Block’ and ‘Unsubscribe’ options to the Settings menu for each individual email. This is great news and should make it much easier to block emails or unsubscribe from emails with just a few taps, but we’re yet to see an updated filter for the app. In the meantime, we’ll show you how to block or unsubscribe from email on your Android phone or tablet. Also See: What’s the Best Free Email Service?

If you’re looking to block spam messages from Gmail for Android, it’s important to first distinguish between spam messages and those emails from companies you may have inadvertently allowed to send you information. marketing at some point in the past.

When you mark an email as spam, it prevents the message from being a problem for you, but it can cause problems for others. Marking an email as spam will flag it to Google, which will investigate whether the email received multiple complaints about the same domain. If Google decides to take action, that address could be blacklisted, which will obviously affect more people besides you.

If you have ever purchased any goods or services online then you know exactly what we mean by annoying emails but not spam. Most likely you missed removing a check box at checkout, thus allowing them to send you marketing communications via email. It’s annoying and you want it to stop, but marking this email as spam is not an answer. See also: How to undo sending in Gmail.

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How to unsubscribe from spam emails in Android

If an email is sent from a legitimate company, there must be an unsubscribe link somewhere in it. This information may be right at the bottom of the email and it may be in small print, but we bet you it’s there. Unsubscribing from these emails is a much better solution than marking them as spam because it prevents them from being sent to you in the first place, rather than blocking them after they have been sent.

How to block spam emails on Android

To unsubscribe, all you need to do is click the Unsubscribe link. This will open a browser on your Android phone or tablet, which will confirm that you have now unsubscribed from that newsletter. Some websites may require you to sign in to your account to adjust your account preferences.

How to block spam emails on Android

If you continue to receive messages from the company that unsubscribed from their newsletter, please go ahead and mark those messages as spam. We will explain how to do so below. Also see: What does Google know about me?

How to block spam emails in Android

If you regularly receive mail from a company that you know you have never dealt with or allowed to email you, this is most likely spam. Reporting it as such in Gmail for Android is easy.

To report a Gmail message as spam, open it or tap and hold it in the conversation list pane to select it, then tap the three vertical dots icon at the top of Gmail and select ‘Report as spam’. It is easy.

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How to block spam emails on Android

(For the record, we’re not saying Lakeland is sending us spam, we’re just taking that as an example.)

From now on, messages from that sender will still be delivered to your phone or tablet, but they’ll go to the spam folder and you won’t receive notifications. After 30 days, they are automatically deleted.

It is up to Google to investigate messages marked as spam and take appropriate action.

How to block Gmail messages from specific senders

If you have access to a desktop browser in which you can view your Gmail messages (on a PC, laptop or tablet), there is also an option to block messages from one specific sender. Open the email in the desktop version of Gmail and click the downward arrow icon at the top right of the Gmail message. Here you will find an option to Block “X”, where X is the sender of the email. Click here to prevent them from spamming you in the future.

How to block spam emails on Android

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